Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Missing Teeth

We have passed a milestone in our family. My youngest has lost his front teeth. He didn't pull them out, they were accidently knocked out by his brother's leg while wrestling . For me, I think this stage is more emotional than when he stepped on the bus for Kindergarden this last year. I was so excited when all my kids got their first tooth and then as more appeared their little smiles started to change, each one different and special. Now my youngest' smile is growing up into a bigger boy smile. Soon he'll get those grown-up teeth coming through that will be beginning signs of what his big boy face will look like. I'm sure God delights over us as He watches His children grow and pass milestones in our faith, getting rid of the old, replacing it with new life "new teeth" in my son's case, ready to take on new exciting things in our journey. Let's not miss our chance to experience the fullness of God in our lives as He can only fill the void and the gaps in our life.