Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amy Grant Meeting

October brought Amy Grant to our church. I still get giddy each time I see a concert and get to meet her. My friend Fran to the left makes fun of me, but I KNOW she is feeling the same way I do. We step back to when we were 8 year old little girls listening to our new role model on vinyl records. I still have all my records and tour book from concerts over the years. I dared to miss a tour when she'd pass through town. I know there are similar stories of what she means to us, for me as a singer songwriter she helped shape my love for music and gave dreams to many singer songwriters of what God can do if we just step out and try. She is such a warm, friendly person and takes time for all of her fans even after a late show. She's the type of person you just want to sit down and have a warm cup of tea with. It was a great night but we weren't done as Fran and I followed the tour up to Seattle for another day of Amy concert, this time working our way up to front row.. ! it was great giddiness.