Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Chair

After months of rehearsals and countless hours the Christmas Production "Promises" is finally here. This is no usual "Christmas play" There's no goats, sheep or donkey. There is a really cool old car from 1913 on stage a and a chair that I donated for use in the play. This chair is most likely about the same era as the old car it sits next too. A chair that was passed down through generations. My great Grandmother sat in it, my Grandma "Grammy" who I remember knitting and crocheting while I sat on the arm. Years later my mom inherited the chair and christened it with countless morning devotions and prayers as she prayed for her children growing up and her grandchildren. The chair has moved to my house where it doesn't get the attention it used to, and is more decoration, but the memories I feel when I see it and sit down in it cannot be replaced. The Chair has had different fabrics over the years and different souls sitting in it, and a Godly heritage. Little did my ancestors know when they bought the chair it would one day be sitting on stage, in a play of their unknown future great great granddaughter, once again helping to tell a story of its own. I'm sure the old car has some stories of its own as well.
The picture below was taken a few weeks ago before the stage really got set. It's much more interesting now.
The scene below is with "Dawn" behind th chair and "Kirsten" on the couch (who doesn't see Dawn)
singing "Your Not Alone"

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