Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To do List #1 Bye Bye Cable

Tomorrow my #1 list of "to do's" is to drive down to our cable company and hand over that little box I pay for each month to get such wonderful choices of "fabulous" entertainment. You see our soon to be 10 year old daughter is bright, beautiful, fun, loving, polite and has a lot going for her. The problem is those qualities seem to be getting overshadowed (most the time) by the 32" square magnet that she plops down in front every spare moment she has. The biggest problem we've noticed is her being so impressed with the attitudes of these pre-teen *"fabulous" cast of the Disney Channel teen actors, which we unfortunately are bombarded with everywhere we turn even outside our home ( I'm sure that was a Hanna Montana hamburger she was eating today). It all is going to crumble in her little world tomorrow when she finds out that our TV only gets news and Reading Rainbow but we're hopeful this will only bring out the best in our little pre-teen and we'll look back knowing as parents we did the right thing. She is a great girl and doesn't even know how impressionable she is, and we want her to be "fabulous" for the positive things God has for her. We'd appreciate your prayer as we raise our daughter and boys in a world that is constantly stealing their attention away from a Christ like eternal perspective, to a more materialistic "all about me" perspective. I'll keep you posted, and as always would love your comments and if this is something you've dealt with.
p.s. I will miss HGTV and Paula Dean on the Food Network.
*"Fabulous" is a popular song on High School Music

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