Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Birthday on a Budget...my favorite!

I always say I don't want anything planned for my Birthday and then a few days before I think... hmm maybe I do want to do something planned. But I'm not the "Big party" kind of girl at least when it is my day. Two days before a birthday doesn't give much time to plan but I thought I should have coffee involved, Panera Bread, and a few willing friends. I told them I'd be at Panera Bread at 10am sipping coffee remembering the years gone by and join me if they would like, I'll be there regardless, AND their present to me would be their presence, so don't bring gifts. Then I thought.. ok most people say that on invites and no one obeys because they think the person is just saying that to be polite but deep down they really want something!! So I closed with this:
p.s please don't feel like you have to bring a gift, you are my

gift :) unless of course you would like to feed my love for cool
re-usable items that might ordinarily go to the "goodwill" but you
think I might think it is too cool to pass up. Small house plants
are my envy so if you are tossing one re-gift it on Jan. 6th! :)LOL.
Or a few cute decorator mags that you might be tossing into the
recycle bin? Otherwise don't spend your money, I don't have any
desires beyond my friendship with you.

So they came and with them came cute little bags of who knew what?  I was a little concerned when I saw the Victoria Secret bag... but thankfully inside was a decorator book called French Country..perf! Then there were someone's hand me down clothes (that someone was a little small, but had good style and I did find a few additions to my closet) added with potted bulbs, yummy smelling candles, a Real Simple magazine (very fitting) and cozy socks (that person didn't follow my rules, but I'll forgive her), and a clock that my friend promised was a "good deal" and just my style. In the picture you might notice the bag of chips. My sound guy at church knows I have a weakness for potato chips so decided instead of cake, a bag of chips and a t-light candle was perfect for me as he walked toward me with it lit. My bible study leader gave me (and ward evidently) some chocolates that were oh so yummy.
Can I just tell you how fun this was to know that my friends were able to find things that were simple, mostly free and perfect gifts for me.. (hey that rhymed).
So next time you are going to a party, or having a party for yourself try this.. it is cheap, a lot of fun, and it makes everyone happy.
ps. notice the "I Love Lucy Card"... she is one of my favorites! I came home turned on my Amy Grant music...my favorite, and later went to dinner with my husband down town Portland on a gift certificate, which further fed my tummy and my joy for free or inexpensive gifts. It's not so bad getting older! ok...yes it is, but it was fun in the process.  Here's to another year gone by but I think this year is going to be one of my favorites...i hope.

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  1. THAT IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA..ONE THAT I WOULD LOVE TOO AS I AM A SUCKER FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S "GOING TO GOODWILL" STUFF...I'm going to try this soon:):) glad you had such a wonderful day.