Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Free Thinkers" bring back 80's Neon with a punch!

"You went to Journey's!!" was the excited words when my 11 yr. old opened her birthday gift. I bought Reebok high-tops which were very similar to the one's I may have bought 25 or so years ago, you know.. the one's made popular by the movie "Flashdance?" However, these had bright, I mean, BRIGHT Neon colors on them, an assumed improvement for this generation of "free thinkers". Every where I looked I saw pieces of my past with new face lifts by designers who obviously have way more freedom than the 80's designers who were giddy about hearts in a row teddy bears on a sweater, something every young girl would buy, and they did. I'm waiting for the singer famed 80's singers Tiffany or Debbie Gibson to appear on Amercian Idol as the NEW break out artist. Maybe they will teach this generation how to properly use hair spray to form the perfect wall of bangs.
So we head back to Journey's to exchange the shoes for just the right pair. It is really hard to control my tongue when shopping with my daughter. After all I want her to feel like she has her own thing goin' on, and she does... it's just that the styles are not new..it's just the "distant cousin" of my generation, which finally in the 90's we were really glad it was gone! I'm really concerned about the day we all think it might be ok to wear parachute pants again. Thankfully, I'm blogging this warning so that if ever needed to look back I can remind myself parachute pants on anyone is not a good move EVEN if the fabric is fun and newly improved.
As we left with her new shoes, her feeling "cool" we both had to laugh as she started waddling (much like you see these boys with the low pants). She said "gosh these are kind of clunky". Her skinny little legs extenuated by these big clunky shoes and skinny jeans, looked like if the wind hit her just right she might cause quite the scene. As I watched her waddle to the car I couldn't help giggle and remember what it was like back many years ago when I was a pre-teen trying to figure life out, trying to be myself but mostly following the trend. I was a lot homelier than my daughter ever will be. At eleven I looked like a female version of Howdy Doody... but strangely enough was ok with that. Funny how life comes full circle reminding of us of where we've been and how we became who we are today.


  1. "Maybe they will teach this generation how to properly use hair spray to form the perfect wall of bangs."

    That made me laugh! I totally remember being excited about having a "good bang day"...

  2. Oh, how I love and miss the 80's! Music, movies & "Members Only." And I patiently wait for the GO-GO's reunion on American Idol! I hope she realizes her mom was the "original cool?"(LOL) How fun!

  3. I really thought we ALL agreed the 80s-style would stay in in the 80s?

    I really hope big rock band hair comes back because it would save me some time getting ready in the morning.