Thursday, May 21, 2009

If I could do my wedding over again tips!

Wedding Tips- If I could do it all over again!

1. Go for the dress that you like not the replica of one you think looked good on your friend at her wedding.  Yes, the replica is less expensive but when you see this dress modeled in a fashion bride show and you think "hideous" let that be a clue should take it back immediately! You'll feel better about your choice years later.
2. Hire a better florist who actually listens to one's desires or she may hear "fake tulip drooping down in front of bouquet" instead of "I don't want any fake flowers in my bouquet." This will also lead to the bride and bridesmaid putting together their own bouquets on the day of the wedding.  
3. Hire a good Photographer and preferably one that was not formally an EXPERT at team photos, this will avoid lining up the wedding party from tallest to shortest and taking the group "team wedding shot with basketball..I mean" ugly fake flower bouquet in the middle.  Also, this will avoid having the top of your new father-in-law's head cut off a picture.                                                                                      Team Spears 1995
4. It's always good to double check that the church has not booked  a funeral right after your wedding... this really does not set a good tone for any of the parties involved especially for guests going to both.
5. Give a better itinerary to the father of the bride so he doesn't announce to the guests- "When the Bride and Groom are ready to leave we are going to line up on either side with balloons" In the commotion of everything, people will only hear "we are going to line up now" leaving the bride and groom alone in the reception area wondering where everyone went?
6.  Be sure your luggage is in the right car... if you don't you will get to the hotel and most likely have to sit in the room watching "Bay watch" in your wedding dress (not part of the dream honeymoon plan) why your new groom awkwardly coordinates with the person (brother's girl-friend) who has kindly delivered the the car with the luggage.  It will at least take the whole episode to finally get things settled.
7. When high school students say they are coming to your wedding don't order extra anything.. they most likely will not ALL follow through (which is really understandable) and you will end up with 3 extra sheet cakes.  In fact.. cake is way over rated anyway.
8. When your sister the maid of honor is 7 mo pregnant, don't try and camouflage the look by putting a matching jacket over her bridesmaid dress.. this will only make her feel more huge and look awkward in the pictures. (I didn't say this she did)
9. When the flower girl is 3 and having a tantrum RIGHT before the wedding because it is her "nap time" the mom should bribe her with a bike, she'll be smiling the whole way down the isle and the rest of the day!
10.  The one thing I wouldn't change is the awesome man I married! We celebrated 14 years May 20, 2009.  I think the biggest challenges through our marriage were the years we lost 3 pregnancies one being our middle son Luke's twin, and the emotional strain each loss, each pregnancy, each new baby brought.  Having 3 kids under 4 at one time brought the craziest days but also many fun memories and such a joy to our life.  Our relationship with God and Him being the glue has gotten us through different trials and knowing that our hope is in Him and not letting the little or big things alter our commitment to each-other.  On the days we have not gotten along or we're forgetting the big picture... I remember that Ward chose me to be his wife, he asked me, he didn't have to, he wanted to.  It is in those moments I really feel truly thankful and usually get my attitude in line :).  Interesting how that is a similar picture of how God chooses us and yet sometimes we can take that relationship for granted... amazingly.
May 20th 1995


  1. OK, Courtney, this is just TOO funnY! Love the picture with your eyes closed! Our wedding photos include Dale and Linda Ebel. Dale is sporting his mustache!
    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!
    april Brenneman

  2. great advice! LOL!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Ward :-)

  3. Well, I've said this many times, and in many ways: THE SPEARS ARE A WONDERFUL FAMILY! I've not known, nor seen such a loving young couple. The Lord has blessed them dearly. And we should all be so blessed in their presence. I'll not cease saying so! Oh, Happy Anniversary!!!!