Sunday, February 14, 2010

FREEdomville Album

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Because I get my music for free from the One Who Set me Free.
I'm excited to start a new adventure in music after a few years of a break from the intensity of writing, recording and selling music online, concerts and retreats. I originally ordered about 1000 Cd's because the price break was good at that number, figuring I'd have about 920 left over after my family and faithful friends bought one (kind of like a craft sale). After the first opening night of the CD release concert I sold about 450, which was shocking and after many events, retreats, a few more concerts and online sales, I found out the other day I have about 10 left..WOW, that is cool, and I have yet to see one in the stack of rejected CD's at my favorite Goodwill! I'm sure there will be a day :

But what now...

I don't really have the resources or the time to make more and pack up my schedule with events to sell them, and if history is any guide the outdoor concerts will be rained on in the middle of summer and the indoor concerts will have a record setting random heat wave that day. Combine that with life getting busy and stressful, my children in a new phase of "I NEED YOU TO..." and understanding the undertaking that happens to make a CD, pretty soon the fun and enjoyment turns into frustrating "if only's". Which then I realized it's really ok to never write another song and just be really good at making dinner. God still loves me.

But what if...all the dust settled of life outside of music and I realized that music it what makes my heart beat (outside the darling children and cute husband) and knowing how God has used music in my life in so many ways to stretch me, encourage others and created opportunities I never thought possible, or even thought of at all. Tossing the gifts that God gives us aside only because our picture of what that looks like is different isn't allowing God to truly guide it. When I was a child I loved playing with the Etch A Sketch, where the two white dials at the bottom created this line when moved, you could make squiggly lines, straight lines and cool geometric pictures. Then one day you run across the kid that makes the Mona Lisa on the Etch A Sketch (check this link out). We all have different gifts that God has given us, some can draw a Mona Lisa or an NBA player on an Etch a sketch, some like me never was able to got past the straight line, but God can shake us up, wipe us clean and start a new picture if we just let him control the dials, so to speak.

The Plan: I enjoyed the last year finding old friends on Facebook, keeping up with new ones, and knowing that my friend Bernice was enjoying her English Muffin while watching the Brady Bunch where Alice is jumping on the trampoline. But seriously... although I found that interesting, my love for looking at pictures and Instant chatting can ZAP up the time if I'm not disciplined. So I decided that spending more time away from the computer and working on new music and songs would be a good thing, and it has been!

I decided to not let money imprison me to do what I love and that God will make a way and direct it knowing that all good gifts come from above FREE, and that I wanted to use the gifts and give them freely to see what happens. I want to make sure you know I am not against musicians charging for concerts, selling merchandise trying to make a living. After doing a lot of selling of merchandise at major Christian concerts the last four years, my eyes were opened to just how little the artists especially the newbies get in the end result, with venues and travel expenses, band members to pay etc. But God has directed me down a different path one that I don't have to be the bread winner and one that just feels right for me. So this next album called "FREEdomeville" is just that, Free (must sign up for free updates). It will be fun to see where the Lord takes it and for all to be able to download it if they want no matter how rich or poor. My first album "Redeemed" was such a privilege to do, and thanks to the overwhelming support and word of mouth, I was able to get back what I put into it. I feel that in order not to disrespect the people who purchased that CD and it being on I-tunes still, I will not offer those songs for free with the exception of "Just Want to Say" that I always give in February.

Thank you so much for your support and prayer, I love writing and singing and being able to perform in different creative arts. This will be a fun and fulfilling adventure I'm sure.. :)

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  1. Well, I can finally be excited again! The coming of a new Courtney song can do that to ya! It took a while, but she operates on God's time, not our time. And she's been patiently obedient doing other important life-stuff. But it's been well worth the wait..."FREEdomville!" I'm already lovin' that word! And I can't wait to hear the songs coming off this new title.

    It's clear to me Courtney's priorities are just as she continues to seek God first (over all things)! And because of this, I believe all things will come to pass for her in due time. Meanwhile, can we all just get excited and continue praying for her some more... YEAH!!!!

    BTW, I've never heard someone use an Etch-A-Sketch as a metaphor to illustrate God's character... how funny is that?! Brilliant! And I will never look at this toy quite the same again. :D