Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Buying a Cheap Purse Can Cost You!

This post brought to you by AAA which I am now a PROUD new member! (they really didn't bring this, I did, but I thought I would plug their services)

So Bertha my car was VERY naughty yesterday.  Some of you on facebook already know the small status version of this, but I couldn't leave it there.  Others who don't know who Bertha is, well she is my big ugly nine year old Big Tan Van.   I really think my troubles started with a purchase of a very cute but cheap purse at the thrift store.  I frequent the Red White and Blue Thrift store regularly and often leave with phenomenal deals and this purse along with matching wallet (which actually was buried under a pile but FOUND by me) was only $4 which surprised me considering it's fashionable chicness.  Over the last month I have experienced great losses using this purse and realizing perhaps the reason behind this fabulous deal.  To make a long story short the purse has been known to spill over easily and empty its contents.  Thanks to this $4 purse I have lost a brand new I-Pod touch, my camera with pre-downloaded pictures of my kin and my visa debit card.  If that is not bad enough here is where the story takes an interesting twist.
I noticed my debit card missing while buying donuts and coffee at our church cafe.  Perhaps this should have been a sign  from God that I shouldn't be buying the donuts and settle for the free coffee, but NO it is church and the awesome coffee attendant said "Oh don't worry, this is church for crying out loud bring it in when you can"! well ok then, as I walk away with my caloric prize and still worried about the missing debit card but figuring it is likely in a back pocket of my jeans because we all know that is the easiest spot after a load of groceries. 
Monday Morning- Check my bank account, no unusual action on with my day, I'll find the card.  Check email and wow I just booked a Florida vacation at the Ritz! WAIT WHAT?? I did not do that and my name is not Mark! How did they get my email? My Card!! Crud!  Cancel the Card, call the Hotel and tell them I just got a confirmation for someone I dont' know.  They put me on hold and I get to listen to the description of the nicest vacation spot in Florida with lavish pools, weather amazing, and my name is not Mark... I could go by Mark for a night!  Back on the line "Mrs. Spears I will transfer you to the booking agent".  BA gets on says "Courtney you called me this morning and booked this vacation" which I then explain "no I did not, Mark did and this was sent to my email....silence..."OH my gosh, this lady didnt' have a "s" on the last name spears.  Evidently the "s" was the only thing between her getting the email or me.  Good news, but I still cancelled my credit card and would have to go to the bank to get a new one, and I don't get a vacation in Florida. 
After work I have JUST enough time to drive to the bank before I am home for the kids after school.  This is where my afternoon gets even crazier!  Just as I pull on the on-ramp Bertha decides to chug chug (veering to the right to a safe spot) and stop.  No luck re-starting her and seeing a 1/2 tank full of gas, she must be very sick.  Call the man of the house who thankfully is nearby and he gets there in 5 minutes.  I decided in that five minutes I was not comfortable sitting in my car with the freeway traffic so I grabbed my computer, purse and proceeded to walk on the Interstate back up the ramp, up a grassy hill.  Earlier that day I decided to dress up a bit for work and chose a black blazer, pants and scarf which strangely made me look like a flight attendant in my opinion.  Now I was parading in my "flight attendant" suit on a busy highway.  My ride came and we zipped home 5 minutes away to greet the kids, went to get gas and hurried back to the car.  As we are pulling over the overpass looking down on the ramp we see horror as Bertha is on top of a tow truck getting hauled away!!!! Keep in mind I called for help at 2:07 this was 2:38 when the State Police called the tow company, NOT alot of time to get gas or any other arrangement.   We frantically call the Police Department wondering where they might be taking my poor car.  After we find out, she said "This car has to be released from the State Police before you can get it from the tow company" The State Office was clear in on the other side of town at least 25 minutes drive with no traffic.  After making that trip, we head over to the tow company which is tucked back in a serious of storage warehouses and there is NO one to be found and no sight of Bertha.  Yet another call to the company who says "ok we will be right there" a man appears 5 minutes later motioning us to his office.  Suddenly I'm thinking is this a bad set up or something? All the episodes of "24" seem to be flashing before me.  Thankfully the man was not a terrorist or thief, but he gave us the bad news that it would cost a whopping $240 to get Bertha back, ok maybe he is a thief! Someone is a thief alright! After 3 hours of this fiasco we put gas into the belly of Bertha and she started right up.  Which like I said earlier, the needle indicated she had a 1/2 tank so what the heck? I was so mad I felt like leaving Big Bertha right there in Impoundment Hell with all the other less cared for, UGLIER cars, but I didn't.  At the gas station my husband actually was really nice to  Bertha and gave her a FULL tank which I dont' think she has had since she came off the lot in 2002.  I normally like to just put $10 so it doesn't feel so painful each time I spend money on gas.  As I'm driving around smoothly heading back to the original destination, the bank for the visa card, I realize the cheap purse is really to blame.  It most likely spilled out my visa card somewhere which lead to this extra trip of getting a new one, which lead to Bertha LYING to me about her hunger, which then lead to the evil bill which would have bought a much nicer purse that would've taken much pride in keeping expensive electronic devices safe!  Walking into the bank the nice lady asked me how my day was? smile... well let me tell ya....! So I did, she felt bad and gave me a tootsie roll candy and a new debit card which I then placed in my $4 purse.


  1. You could sell this story to any women's mag and recoup your fI loved the story, sorry about the hassle of it all!

  2. I don't blame bertha. I blame you and your $10 fill ups. :)

  3. Yeah, but do ya still have the purse? It'll be much cheaper to get rid of the purse than the Big Tan Van. Besides, I like Bertha! :)