Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Night Girl Becomes Early Riser!

Today I woke up early.  It was painful and slow, but after getting into my jeans yesterday and finding the once "loose by noon" jeans didn't loosen up, I realized it was time to see what happens in the morning while I'm normally sleeping.  I've noticed that people who typically exercise in the morning are the gaunt people you know, the ones that can shop at the Black House -Black Market and leave smiling.  I have never been one of those people.  Actually, even if I was able to fit into those barbie clothes I'd most likely walk out with the only thing I can afford which would be way in the back section on the floor crumpled in a corner marked "damaged". 
While walking today, I had an epiphany that perhaps all of these years I might have been more effective doing exercise in the morning while getting no results as a night exerciser! WOW, imagine if that was really the key, I mean a few weeks ago my jaw was practically locked and while eating yogurt and soup for 3 weeks I lost 1lb!!!  (Imagine the scene when I rebelled against that discovery).

I'm really hopeful this is the key and if anyone knows me well understands that I have a lot these epiphany's that seem to jump start a new idea and then a few weeks later fizzle out, so I'm really going to try and make this experiment work and if it does, I might just be the new late night,, moody, gaunt girl at this years Christmas Party but man I'll look good in my White House-Black Market pants and top, of course purchased from the reject rack and finally affordable!!

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