Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Water Park Gives Mom of 3 a Wedgie

Nothing like a water park on a hot summer day. On our recent vacation we just had to visit the nation’s largest water park Water World in Denver Co. I’m usually game for a great amusement park with wild roller coasters, but this was a much different feel. Obviously, at a water park you get to wear your swimsuit while cruising all over the park and you remain quite drenched the whole day, boy doesn’t that sounds enjoyable? If that isn’t enough you get to climb up stairs in your suit while waiting in line, and also adjust your suit in front of everyone after going down a fast blazing slide. I shopped diligently and carefully for a suit that would facilitate water sliding and modesty which is not an easy undertaking. Others at the park seemed to think the skimpiest suit was the better choice for the day including 2 European men in their strange little “mama underwear trunks” who caused gasps throughout the line quickly finding out that in America board shorts are the only acceptable suit for men in public or anywhere for that matter.

For some reason water, flip flops and me don’t do well together. The view from the top of the raging waters slide was me and my family attempting to get in to a giant 5 person raft. Things quickly turned eventful for the people in line watching, when the strange lady (me) loses her balance and is now bouncing off the side of the raft and rolling around in the shallow rushing water. I’m laughing awkwardly, my family is laughing and as I stand up and say “sorry for the wait” some guy in the line yells “that’s ok we’re enjoying the show” which then I decide to just roll back in the raft leaving all social gracefulness aside getting the heck out of there. My husband was so proud of his bride choice at that moment.

It’s amazing what looks perfectly doable turns into a moment of regret such as deciding to go down what I now call the “wedgie warrior" slide, where extreme suit adjustment is necessary and viewed by horrified chuckling onlookers. Sadly, my modest suit and cute sporty skirt suit cover were no match for the “wedgi warrior” which brought to mind what the Europeans must have gone through. I did feel a little out of place with no piercings or tattoos, but it was a fun day especially for the kids and wedgie or not that made it worth the ride (although next time I’m wearing man shorts over my suit).


  1. Gee! I wonder why there's no fun video footage and pix on this particular family outing? It would have been quite entertaining for all of us! :) Oh, but then again, some of this is way more information than I need to know about the Spears family! :D BTW, I thought you were suppose to be a good swimmer in your youth, so I've heard?

  2. Hmm... a Good swimmer? Having a pool doesn't make one a good and graceful swimmer. :)