Friday, September 3, 2010

I Never Thought Coaching Would Be This Painful!

After two weeks of coaching daily doubles, I REALLY don't think back in the day my High School or College Coach was in this much pain after training camps when I played, but perhaps I'm wrong. It doesn't help that I had not really hit a volleyball hard in the past 12 years since coaching the Varsity team at Westside Christian High School. My shoulder is KILLING me, by big right toe hurts and all I want to do is lay in the air conditioning, eat Popsicles and watch chick flicks. The first day of practice back in July I was so out of shape and off balance I'm sure the team thought what sort of ding dong did our school hire? It's really amazing at what our muscle groups remember from way back (and what they quickly forget) but after a few weeks of hitting, serving, playing every position against a 6 man team I feel like I'm finally getting a percentage of my game back. I was just thinking the other day how odd it is that my body still remembers how to spike a ball or serve and set. I don't know who's having more fun me or the girls, but wow I know one thing.. I am a team sport girl which is why I now know all these years I should have been doing something like that to stay in shape!
Running these drills sure makes me miss being a player and the competition around the game, improving and working hard. As a sophomore in college and coming off mainly a basketball focus all of my growing up years, volleyball in college was a whole new world. Sure I had my volleyball successes in High School and finished strong, but I was in with girls that volleyball was their life and their muscle groups oozed volleyball. I vividly remember at the first day of practice being quite shocked and realizing I was in for some soreness. If only I would have worked out more that summer to prepare.. The day after the first practice carnage, my eyeballs slowly opened and soon realized that was the only part on my body that was moving without pain. Even picking up my toothbrush allowed me to feel muscles I never knew one used while brushing teeth, and knowing in a matter of minutes I would once again be down in the gym diving for volleyballs, nearly caused a panic attack and a mad desire to create graffiti.

I'm pretty sure I added some comic relief to my team with my lack of upper arm strength, which is strange I could do any sport at all. All we were supposed to do was hang on the bar for strength conditioning, (you know similar to the Presidential fitness award test where the small skinny girl stays up there for 3 hours while all of us tall long legged girls are sweating and doing self negative talk of how we are never able to do this what makes the gym teacher think we can this year, he knows I only do well in the shuttle run.) Fast forward to college and here we are again only with extra mass from the "freshman 15" I was working off from the previous year and a little too many cookies at the summer job! I stand up on the chair, tuck my chin over the bar, the chair is removed and INSTANTLY like a shorts without a drawstring on a skinny chick, my arms go straight and my feet are touching the ground. coach: "OK that was approximately 1 second, NEXT!! "

It's fun being a coach myself now, and all of those days coming back to the front of my mind. I'm sure my coaching style is picking parts from the way I was coached, tweaking it here and there and of course drawing different perspective now that I'm far removed from that era in my life, but WOW it feels good to still be able to hit the ball even if it is painful. Our season kicks off next Thursday at Horizon Christian High School in Tualatin, OR. I can't wait to watch the girls play.

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