Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Snow Bunny" Returns to Skiing with Family

The last time I skied was about 13 years ago before we had kids in tow. Of course in pre-marital vows I signed my name on the line saying "I Courtney am in love with you Ward, and Skiing". I have had my share of ski mishaps, for instance, staying on the lift too long until I whipped around heading back down the lift on the other side, I guess two laps around gives one a nice view of the scenery and it is always nice for people coming up to have someone to high five. The last time I "skied" was in Canada which was beautiful but horrendously cold at 40 degrees below. A place where one does not dare to take out the camera for a picture on the slopes. Excuse me, but anywhere that requires that no nub of skin peek out ANYWHERE on the body such as nose, ears, fingers, cheeks, for fear of frost bite and/or amputation, in my opinion, should not be called a RESORT! Ward thought it would be nice, and oh so helpful for my skills (after realizing my fake signing at the wedding was the least of his worries) if I took a lesson, you know, perhaps the Canadians would offer the magic that would bring out the inner skier in me that would cure the snow plow and zap any longing for the lodge before
10 am. $50 bucks later in my "ski school" my thighs were clearly storing extra acid, my muscles writhing in pain and burning until just below my mid calf where it all became a blur of feeling, where my feet were so cold in super sub zero temperatures they felt like stumps. Breaking free from the Canadian National Champ, me and my stumps slid down the final hill on my cold behind where I finally made it to the lodge. Taking my boots off felt so good for about 30 seconds until the blood and warmth started coming back and I starting hallucinating and screamed "where's the knives, where's the fire, why am I a voo doo doll" who am I, save me, save me" and then I saw him, my skier husband looking across the room for his snow bunny wife I'm sure thinking that his plan of ski school was ingenious. However one look at his writhing, gnashing of teeth, bride of frankenstein he realized something had gone terribly wrong. Did he really just ask me "how did it go?" Bless his beating heart...he's going to need it.

After that trip I decided skiing was going to be at the bottom of the list until I tried one more time a year later in warmer conditions and equipped with a walking talky that I could ski on my easy routes and enjoy the soft snow, call Ward on the radio to meet at the lodge for lunch and then proceed our separate ways.. He's happy, I'm happy.

Fast forward 12 years we are now towing three new skiiers including me who is going to "teach" these fine children the art of staying on easy slopes, snow plowing and always the option of sliding down on your rear end.
We didn't calculate the time it would take to get our skis and boots, get them on, get the passes, get the big sandwich for lunch and eat it. So after leaving the house at 9:30am we were finally going up our first lift at 2:30pm. Thankfully we had passes and could ski until 9pm so we didn't feel completely rushed. Feeling like "FINALLY we're ready" We take off ahead to the lift and hear "uh hey guys? aren't you forgetting something?" Oh yeah, the kids, who don't know how to ski!! Why on earth a beginner lift similar to a rope toe, but called a magic carpet because you stand on a carpet like escalator, would have have a hill going up to get to it is beyond me. Explaining the side step up a hill to 3 new skiers added another 15 minutes while we helped them all up off the ground and their sprawling skis and items spread out all over we finally were moving on the carpet with only one of 5 falling at the beginning of the carpet. Kids are amazing how they pick things up so quickly. We had a great day of skiing on the easy hill and I felt like a pro not falling once and encouraging the new skiers while they said "wow mom and dad, you are so good". Which I proudly said, "oh.. why thank you, that is because I was taught and did training while abroad in Canada!"