Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Like" I just invented a new Like, Keyboard!!

If I were to invent a new like computer keyboard for like the age range of like Jr. Highers.. or even for like some college students, it would like replace the space bar with a giant "like" button. Like really, every other like word in like their questions are like totally inserting the word "like". Sadly, when living with like a Jr. higher the adults like start talking like this without realizing it until your like in a room full of like adults and like you are getting like these stares of like "why are you like talking like that?" from like the other woman across the room, holding her like giant wine glass that covers her entire face when she takes a sip. It really is a hard like habit to like break. Like is like hard to completely get rid of in the vocabulary of a like sentence because like you have to really like use it for reals in a like sentence that really like needs it! For example. When a 17 year old guy is thinking: "I feel like a giant goof in my pants that are hanging down so low my boxers are showing and it makes me walk like I have hemorrhoids, but I think it is still so cool". In that like instance it is totally like ok to use like. So yeah, just wanted to like give a little like English lesson today.

While I am in my inventing mode of new keyboards, I also think I should invent
a special keyboard for the people who enjoy forwarding EVERY funny, cute, and meaningful email and will always include the other 100 email recipients email address right there in plain view for all the email scammers to see. You know who you are, stop gasping! This is the same group that needed a tech in India to ask how to send their first forwarded email, so that button is there conveniently placed in handy reach too. (And yes mom I'll still come over so you don't have to call India)

(These ideas currently have a patten on file with the national copyright.)


  1. I like totally like your post. Totally like.

  2. This is what my mom writes to me today (she gave me permission to post)

    Since I can't seem to hide the other names even though I have tried I just do them one by one so as not to expose their identity even though it is way too late. Sooo how bad do you feel about that Miss
    techy. There are some of us elderly folks that are computer challenged and of course you know one. And no, I do not want to take a class, I want my daughter who we payed a partial college education for to come to my comfortable, warm house, have a cup of coffee and help me out!!!!!

  3. After careful listening, I'm happy to inform that this dreaded word is not part of your song lyric repertoire! :)