Monday, January 31, 2011

Making Kids Rooms Feel Bigger!

As our kids are getting bigger and the lego collections grow we struggle each day battling with the smallness of our house.  We don't want fall into the complaining spirit and act ungrateful, so we are trying to keep perspective and make it work which at times has been a daily challenge.  After downsizing quite a bit last year and my daughter, now having a bedroom the size of some people's laundry room, really needed to use maximum floor space in her room.  I remember back in college how we all had the option to "loft" our beds.  That was survival for 2 strangers living in a walk in closet size space.  Survival was what we needed in our situation as my frustration grew daily with the mess and also the empathy for two growing boys, different personalities and LOTS of legos!  Here are the two separate projects we came up with for the kids rooms.

Our daughter's room is about 9x9.  We bought a large piece of heavy plywood for the base, the kind with the white sealant or finish on it.  2x4's located underneath for support along the 2 walls inserted in the studs.  We had to used 3 posts for support.  My husband surprised us all with his woodworking skills and made the ladder!
We already had the armoire which pulled out form the wall gives here access room for a chair and then a extra space behind the armoire for things she doesn't want out in the open like laundry.  The desk was a great $20 find at a garage sale last summer.  It looks pretty close to the ceiling, but if you have higher than 1960's ceilings you gain a little more room there just be sure to factor that in.  We had check IKEA for their loft bed choices and ALL of them were either too high, metal or to small where she couldn't walk underneath. This project cost about $100

The Boys room used to have bunk beds on one side with all their lego table on one side leaving NO room for anything else.  It would have frustrated me to live in there and I know it really bother my organized analytical child to live in that space.  The solution:  Loft both their beds using their existing bunk frames.  Unlike the girls room we chose not to use posts underneath but instead got cable that supports 250 lbs and bolted them into the ceiling joists.  The beds also rest on the 2x4 frame attached to the studs in the wall.   The lack of posts made it better for walking around underneath and also made more of a boyish industrial look.  We still have some major organizing to do, but my son's comment the other day pretty much sums the project up.  "Mom, I feel like our house just expanded". Amen!  Gosh this worked out so well maybe my husband and I should loft our King bed!! after all we are little cramped too... imagine.."hey kids we're up here!"
Boys project cost about $60 total.


  1. Love this! The girls share a room and it is tiny! They can't even have their dressers in there.

  2. This looks more like a cool FUN-HOUSE than a kid's bedroom. I wanna play! :D