Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stew On This!

First of all, I grew up with the fear of my mother making stew. I was a fairly picky eater and stew meat just grossed me out, along with the onions and stewed tomatoes. But they say we all eventually become our mothers, so I made stew last night. My husband about passed out at the smell of glorious stew pot recalling days of living on his own making a big pot of stew for the week. At the store I noticed the $3 off coupon for the "Stew Meat" so I grabbed it and called it a stew night. It turned out better than I remember and thankfully the whole family thought it was a hit! I did leave out the tomatoes!!
That Potato Looks Larger than it was :)

Stew Meat
1 Package Stew Seasoning or 2 Large Cans of Beef Broth (however the seasoning was great and low cost! )
About 4-5 potatoes
4-6 cups of water
1 Bay leaf
Carrots Sliced
Celery Sliced
Pepper and Salt to taste

In a skillet brown meat on both sides
Boil water and Seasoning package
Add the meat
Add the Vegetables
Let simmer on low for about 2 hours

If you want it thicker, which I did, just add 1 TBSP of flour at a time and whisk it in the nearly completed soup let boil again and then repeat until you have the thickness right.
Serve with Yummy bread. We like the Artisan Bread from Trader Joes!!

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