Thursday, February 24, 2011

My "Happy" Book

Years ago I created a "Happy Book" of things I pull out of magazine that just looking at makes me happy.  If you recently read my other blog becoming more domestic I posted about my cheap decorating therapy of painting my shabby furniture black.  Everyone was given strict instructions when they came home to NOT touch or sit on anything that is black in the house.  Which then my 9 year proceeded to do what sarcastic kids of sarcastic parents do and place his finger inches away from the wet surface saying "I'm not touching it."  Part of this "therapy" was also visiting a wonderful shop that inspired and honed my defining decorative beast within me that was having trouble knowing exactly who she was in the home style world.

Back to the Happy Book, it was time to purge clippings last night.  I found several in there that were obvious times of confusion and not knowing what truly brought my heart happiness.  Those were the first to go and quickly.  I also purged items that were just out dated and not the direction I was heading in my new found decorative "coming out" world.  I was surprised what brought me happiness in my early 30's raising 3 little people under the age of 3.  I remember looking though those pages several times back then dreaming of a day when I could decorate like that or come close to it.  Funny how none of the photos in magazines show "real life".  I would have had a cuter house if I wasn't spending $150 on diapers and formula each month, (ok I tried the BF thing for a few months, and yeah... anyway) and had time to shop and clean up the army of toys we had everywhere, which now have turned into 3000 lego pieces.. a work in progress.  But seriously I had some cute ideas, just didn't feel like I ever could complete the "look" that was in my head and my happy book! Of course this only became more of a depressing failure when going to other young mom's houses that had the "flair" that I so wanted.  

My husband knows about my happy book and saw my stack of purge clippings and looked a little confused and shocked.  I said "yeah, those just don't make me happy anymore".  I replaced the pages with my newest clippings and feel so completely happy while turning every page! It's like the ultimate magazine designed just for me.  Even if the pages never translate over to my walls, it's a great little book to flip through for ideas when I'm ready to tackle a project bit by bit.

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  1. MyCoffeeNameApril 04, 2011

    My you're crafty! Not crazy 'bout black furniture though. Too goth for me! :)