Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day A Defining Competition

Yay, Valentines Day was finally on a Monday! I liked that because it gave us all weekend to get the 80 valentine cards done.   Normally, we procrastinate and leave it to the night before making the whole joy of giving Valentines a little stressful.  I did find myself passed out around 1pm today recovering from all the craftings that took place this last weekend!

Years ago I was pretty excited to do the Valentine cards with my daughter when she was the only child in school.  Later, when her two little brothers were in school we were doing about 90 cards!! Not only that, each one HAD to have a piece of candy with it.  If you show up to a classroom in the new Millennium and don’t include a candy with your Valentine, you might as well just head straight to the bathroom and give yourself a swirley. 

This was all news to me as I remembered back when I was a kid, where we just gave the cards. There was the occasional exception when the “cooler than cool kid” gave everyone in the class a box of Heart Message candies. This all setting the stage for elections to come in High School of Prom King and Queen! Gosh, I wish I would’ve known that.

This year, deciding to get a jump on the card buying and addressing, I quickly picked out the 2 boxes of random Valentines thinking it really is all about the candy now, and purchased the cheapest, largest bag of candies all while the boys were at school… Perfect! I came home and revealed this year’s Valentines cards saying to my two elementary age boys “Ok one of you gets Sponge Bob and the other gets to hand out these Tattoo ones the “Mr. Men Little Miss cards.”  Well, you would have thought I just said we were eating cow tongue for dinner because the look on their faces was blank and a little horrified.  Apparently, Valentines hold greater weight than I knew of, defining who you are as a person and what defines your very essence of being.   ARE YOU SERIOUS???

Alright, back to the store to get cooler Valentine cards, more “character defining” ones. I asked on our way out what would have happened if they would have passed the ones I bought out to their class.  To my shock my son says, “the kids would have taken me out to the back of the school and stuffed my head in a waste basket!” Well Happy Valentines Day!!!
Seems like more and more school projects become a “family project”. After all, I just got done making an entire pilgrim village! So now we get a sheet that was sent home describing the valentines box the child had to make and the criteria of the CONTEST!!!! (It seems when I was a child this was all part of getting ready for the big heart day and doubled for a craft in class when we made our Valentines pouches? )  Well, one look at the word CONTEST, and I am all in!!!!  We decided on a Pirate Ship, but unfortunately, I didn’t read the fine print of the rules and we strayed from the colors so I wasn’t sure if he would be disqualified.

We finally finished our Valentines prep at 9:30p Valentines Eve (Again)with lots of activities outside the house on the weekend that made for last minute details for V day.  I guess some things will never change, but lo and behold who came home with the Hershey Bar?!! Yep we won first place for Creative Unique box!  I mean “Owen” won first place… He asked “Mom do I have to share my bar with you?”  Ha, of course.. give me that!!! (just kidding, I let him enjoy it all to himself)
Happy Post Valentines Day… I’m tired! (But did get my $2.50 back for the Sponge Bob rejected cards) 


  1. This is awesome! You need to write a book.

  2. Thanks Lisa, Ha I could barely do a craft a post about it, let a lone write a book!! But it would be a good fall back indeed! I need to get out more.

  3. That's what I've been saying all along: WRITE A BOOK! You have enough funny stories, and life experience to merit one, that's for sure! I'd buy it! :)

  4. thanks m- I remember once someone said I should record a CD.. where did that go? I think the same would be of the book, it would take a tone of time and maybe only a handful of people would really buy it... if only I could get people to read the blog! that is my book, I would love to do that f/t and make money but not sure how that all works. :)