Thursday, February 24, 2011

Portland....NO SCHOOL!!! There's an Inch of Snow!!

I will say our little land here in the NW is pretty hilly.  Surrounding the valley which is not very vast.. are several steep mountains.  We have Mt. Scott, Mt. Tabor, Mt. Park, Pete's MOUNTAIN, Parrett MOUNTAIN, Cooper MOUNTAIN, Sylvan HILLS, Beaverton HILLSdale, Sylvania HILLS, Raleigh HILLS, Portland HEIGHTS, Bull MOUNTAIN, etc.  So those people from the midwest who laugh at the NW for closing schools at any sign of snow flurries have to realize we are flat, car, and plow challenged.   We are just not used to driving in this stuff...many buses can't get up and down the small roads and high hills to get students, which if we left them out and just opened it to the kids in the flat lands, it wouldn't be politically correct to allow flat land kids to get ahead.  Strangely enough, on a day with no school due to horrendous weather, kids are remarkably able to make it to the mall and movies by 10am. 

I'm not going to lie, there are times, most the time, I love snow days so we can sleep in! That all sounds great the night before at 11pm when we see the flurries coming, but why the heck are the kids able to pop out of bed on a sleep-in snow day when I'm practically starting fires under their bums to get them going on regular school days!!  I remember as a kid listening to 1190 KEX wondering if they were going to announce that my school was closed.  It seems all the schools in the area were closed and then they'd get to our district and it would ALWAYS be open or only 2 hours late... grr.  There were constant threats of hosing down the Super Intendant's driveway at 1am so he'd wake up,  slip on the ice, and call in a definite NO SCHOOL Day.   The worst era was when news stations didn't have the software to keep the scrolling list of closures on the bottom on during commercials!! They would JUST  get to the letter "L" and break for a commercial, leaving all of L-Z schools on pins and needles and wasting precious sleep time. Back on the air they would start the list over again, starting with the "A"s!!!!! who are already back in their beds sleeping soundly!  You have to watch the list 3 or 4 times through JUST to be sure that your school was NOT mistakenly left off the list.. only to finally surrender and get in the shower, get ready in record time, and then come out to see in fact your school JUST got cancelled!!

Weather People & News:   Ok, first let me say I am a news watcher.. I love the first headlines, hate leading questions, love cute weather men (Rob Marciano KATU was never the same) and generally find it quite informative unless of course I get sucked in to the 10 O'clock news on channel 12 where painfully we have to hear about every Sex Offender in Salem and surrounding areas for the first 20 minutes and other stories that eventually all make their way to the Jerry Springer Show.  But what takes the cake in our area is STORM TEAM COVERAGE!!!  When you have a team that gets to report rain and light sunny skies and a few hot days in the summer.. a "Winter Blast" looks much like the snow fall in the sugar plum ferry scene of the Nutcracker.   Nonetheless blue Northface Jackets are pulled from the "winterware closet" and it is covered and over covered by "Storm Team" where they find themselves standing in the "storm" and like today reporting well.. nothing!  I will say it was quite entertaining in 2002 when there was a poor weather girl standing in the gorge clinging to a pole telling us how windy it was.. Nah... Really?  I actually wonder how much she got paid for that gig.  Probably just climbing up the "anchor wanna be ladder" and at least there was something to report.  But today there was NOTHING to report on after 6am and they would not stop reporting!!! The Storm Team was relentless pointing out DRY pavement!!! I was thinking.. you have got to be kidding screaming at the TV "Put back on the Today Show".  THANKFULLY they stopped the "Storm Team" coverage and the network after reading thousands of NW tweets saying "WHY ARE THEY STILL ON.. THERE IS NO SNOW""MY KIDS ARE HOME, I WANT MY SHOW!!"  "HEADING DOWN TO THE STUDIO TO CAUSE A RUKUS"  which seemed to be the final tweet that flipped the big switch to Kathy Lee and Hoda.. THAT was the second cheer for me of the day after hearing there was no school.   What better way to celebrate the "blue coats" of the Portland Storm Team then to make an original Spears Video.  Enjoy and make sure you tune in for your latest school closures and watch out for the slush.

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  1. My 6 year old is notorious for trying to sleep in, only when school is in session. I'm in Utah. They never cancel school here. I think they just assume all of us have 4 wheel drive or snow tires and I don't! :) Glad to have found your blog! Janae

  2. Hey, GGMom.. :) love that name..
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Well, apparently the Spears have a little extra time on there hands! :D Actually, this almost looks like a real live newscast. I like it! :) Very cinema verite!