Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women's Retreat and Our "Chick Band" with Kim Meeder

This last weekend was another great women's retreat event.  I love being part of such a great ministry where we as the band get to do what we love and were created to do while feeling refreshed at the same time.   I first of all have to give credit and thanks to the Lord for opening doors and nudging me years ago to step into my musical side and then to my amazing husband who so willingly lets me go and do this.  I can't say that these wknds are always the highlight of news for him when they are scheduled, but he knows how much I enjoy them and how much joy it brings to me and hopefully others in the process.   It is a little more challenging when, like this last weekend, I call home after the first session and hear one of our kids is throwing up.. ugh

The weather was HORRIBLE at the beach on Friday and then it was as if God blew his mighty wind on the Oregon coast, bringing beautiful clear skies for all of us on Saturday.  
Told You She's Tough

Our speaker Kim Meeder from Chrystal Peaks Ranch was well pretty amazing!  I have heard a lot of speakers while doing retreats and normally get something out of each one, but I must say Kim is an exceptional teacher, story teller, gifted author and has a heart of gold.  She is probably one of the toughest and adventurous chicks I've ever met yet God has given her such a beautiful graciousness and spirit of tenderness that overflows out of her and people are just drawn to her.  If I was in a dark alley at night and needed a friend to walk through it Kim would be the first pick!  I am about as far on the other side of the cautious fearful person as Kim.   I wanted to share her website with you and show you what she does when she isn't speaking.    Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch ranch takes damaged horses in restores them to health and combines them with "damaged youth"  building a bond of healing and trust.

The Chick Band:L-R Courtney, Katie, Lisa, (Kim Meeder) Jen, Ruth

I love our little chick band girls.  Ruth comes down from Seattle which is kind of a bummer because it is hard to find a girl drummer and she is good.  Jen plays bass, I'm on guitar and vocals, Lisa in on keys and vocals and Katie is on vocals.  I love this group of girls/women/ladies/ because we gel musically really fast.  We have played many many times together and in smaller sections of the group, we just know how each other works and where we are going, which makes it so easy and fun to be able to just play the music and worship songs that we can sing along with all the 250 women singing.  I think that is the best part for us is that we plan, practice, play and then we get to hear these 250 voices come together and sing their hearts out to the Lord.  I LOVE THAT!!   God is amazing how he brings things together and puts us right where He wants us.
And of course we have way too much fun on Saturday night staying up way too late telling funny stories, some that we have heard over and over again but get better each time.  Love you girls and thanks Kim can't wait to do another retreat with you!

If you are planning a retreat and need an "all chick band" please contact me and we'll see what we can work out, we'd love to come if we can get there!
Of course we can't be serious for more than 5 seconds


  1. Loved the 'Anita Break at Hype News' video! You are so funny Courtney!

  2. MyCoffeeNameApril 04, 2011

    But what did you ladies eat? I wanna hear about the food! That's what I wanna know! :D

  3. Gee! I wonder if they would allow a man to just quietly sit in on the music portion of the event... and then quietly leave? :) Oh, probably not! :(