Thursday, October 6, 2011

New CD Just Released

This last week marked an exciting release of my second album. I went back and forth deciding on a title for the CD and landed on "Between Chapters" which isn't a title off the album but more of what I've felt like musically for the past few years.  I have been very busy with music events and writing songs but really wasn't in a place where I could release another CD.  I found myself in a place of frustration at times asking "why even write music if I can't record it".  It seemed like wasted thoughts and time, however, I through that process I realized that God can use and will use the gifts He has given us in His timing and in His way.  I'm excited to finally offer a CD that has a piece of the old from where it all started and pieces of the between times. I'm very excited to start working on another project as soon as possible and share the fun songs that have been written most recently.  Until then, you can pick up your copy of "Between Chapters" at