Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Eye Lids..Use them!
What is it about trying to fall asleep and the smallest glimmer of light not being acceptable. I like to read before I go to bed and I found out quickly in week one of our marriage that was going to be an issue. I like reading before bed so I can wind down yet 1 minute into him closing his eyes and me reading he asks "are you about done?" Seriously one minute?? and then he says "well maybe you can go into the other room". Huh?? that defeats the whole purpose of reading before bed where my eyelids start getting heavy and droopy and I finally go to sleep!"
Over time I have noticed a slow increasing evolvement of sensitivity towards light, even the smallest of pin lights, when hubs tries to go to sleep. I like a little light, in fact I hate it too dark as I never know when I need to get up and protect the family while hubs is sound a sleep in his darkness. We've come to a compromise where a little natural light say from a street light or MOON is acceptable. We turn the lights out lay our heads on our pillows and then the circus begins.. suddenly there is  (for the rest of the story click here 

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  1. I take it he's sensitive to light? I know the perfect Christmas gift for your hubs: BLACK EYE MASKS! :D