Friday, December 30, 2011

Tops of 2011

Top Mobile Pictures and Fun Things of 2011
(In no particular order)

Best Picture Enjoying a Warm Summer Day!

Not sure how to read this.. Sexy Sinner? Sexy Senior?
Either way they like the 4th meal @ Taco Bell too.
Best Week At The Beach!
Saw Amy in Arizona!!
Doing several Coffee House Shows
Watching daughter's photo shoot
Saw interesting but fun choice of business attire!

Found a wall full of "c's"

OSU Beaver Game!

Celebrated 17 years of Marriage
Got to work at the Amy Grant Show in Portland!
Best Tom Kha Soup!

Spotted the Cutest Waiter at our Favorite Restaurant...
Best Dessert- Bananas Foster at Isabelle Pearl
(That is where the cute Waiter is too!)
Best Tee Off Shot of my entire life!!
The WORST find ever! This was a picture for sale on the wall.
It was sold the next time I went to the store.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Found My Y2K Preparation List!

Y2K Awareness!!

As I say goodbye to 2011 this weekend I ran across a list I created to be prepared for Y2K! It's funny because I did nothing on this list post Y2K or there after.  Twelve years later I'm still not prepared for a major disaster and I'm still here!  I remember the biggest scare was all the computers were going to shut down and we could see our money disappear, planes crash and cars stop right in the middle of the road which is pretty scary.  So here's my list as written.  These ideas are good for general living for any emergency, but my notes sure are a little vague... Dutch ovens? 


First Aide
Make a cubbard (my husband reads this and asked "why on earth would you need to make a cubbard?") I think of course he knows it meant prepare a cubbard full of first aide supplies.. OH!! ha ha "make a cubbard"  "Honey get me the skill saw!"
Have 2 of Everything!!

Costco- Car Kit
Emergency Numbers

Kerosene Heaters $122
Kerosene Lamps 5.50
cooking sources!!
stove, Dutch ovens..

Evacuation Needs

1 gal per person per day
Pop Bottles
Juice Containers

know how to turn H2O and Gas Off

Monday, December 12, 2011

I Tried To Make Cake Pops and they Flopped

Cake Pop Flop
By now most of us have heard about the little cake pops.  Over the years I have tried to make unique character cakes for my children that have NEVER worked out! My daughter still remembers my attempt to make a Barbie Cake where the dress is the cake and the Barbie head sticks out the top.  She was horrified at age 5 when she realized her Barbie was amputated at the hip and stuck in the top of the cake. To make matters worse, the all afternoon project was proven a failure as the Barbie's pink skirt started dripping and sagging.. thanks to using too thin of frosting!! 
  I have reverted back to buying a store bought cake for most of the recent
Birthdays, or have made boring box cakes in a 9x18 pan with ready made frosting and sprinkles.  Not exactly fancy, but at least they work and are edible without the snickering behind my back!    In fact my son actually asked for one of my special box cakes with sprinkles on it, but I got another wild hair to do something creative.  Instead of buying the $20 cake, I bought a $19 cake pop maker.  Making the round cake balls was the easy part, frosting them was simply annoying!  If I made the frosting to thin it would be a glazed look which I was not going after. Too thick was pulling the cake right off the stick, so again I resorted to ready made frosting and at least got them around the ball and on the stick.  They seemed to be likeable, although comparing them to the real cake pops is quite sad.  I found a great website that actually does cake pops right and so cute! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011


These gorgeous pictures were taken by my mother-in-law on a frosty morning.  This last week in Oregon we have had such cold mornings that have painted the land with a dust of frost almost as if hand sprayed in the perfect artistic pattern.  God's beauty and reflection of season's change.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Big 10

We celebrated a milestone birthday for our youngest who turned 10!! He's a great kid and very funny.  His favorite gift was the Big Lego Kit, which by the way.. why on earth do those kits cost SO MUCH!! They take a solid afternoon to assemble but seriously it is ridiculous the amount they charge and the amount we will pay! The other smaller gifts were not expensive, a book, a movie, and a bag of pumpkin seeds, which he was very excited about since I didn't make seeds out of our pumpkins this year. Actually, we didn't even carve pumpkins this year and it was GREAT!! That is the one thing I really don't like to do in the fall, unlike our neighbor down the street who does 30!!! (seems to be overkill.. but to each is own).
Back to the Birthday Boy:  Lunch at Swagat Beaverton was his choice.  He loves interesting spices and foods so the Swagat Buffet was his first choice.  Great Indian food, all you can eat for $5.75 for kids.. great choice.  The choice to bowl didn't go too well for him as the gutters were winning, but a quick trip to the Baskin Robbins for orange sherbert made the night end well.. thankfully.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The boys have started to do push-ups nightly before bed in hopes for some amazing results to come.  If they keep this up it will be intersting to see their form after the long winter. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Was Grandma Peeking Over My Shoulder..? I hope

Grandma Lydia
I’m not a natural cook and really don’t love to cook but can tolerate it if I have all the ingredients and it actually turns out.  My Grandma Lydia, she was a natural cook and it was rare that I ever found Grandma outside the kitchen.  A wonderful German cook her favorite things to make were German Chocolate cake, Bratwursts, German noodles and her claim to fame, the Kraut Kugen.   The Kraut Kugan was so delicious that people from outside the family would place special orders.    With a freezer packed it was rare that we would go away from Grandmas house with out a freezer bag full of Kraut Kugans, 4 fit in a bag and we’d see them stacked up tightly in the freezer wishing we’d hear the words “take theme all”, but knowing how selfish that would be considering the size of the families in the Hergert clan. 

We were just greatful for ANY we could have, and normally would come home with 2 bags.  It wasn’t until I decided to make the Kraut Kugans omy own that I understood the task at hand.  Yes, I’m sure she had it down to a science, she had to after making hundreds upon hundreds in her lifetime, but never the less my appreciation for our 2 bags of Kraut Kugans tripled after making my first batch.   That was at least 3 years ago and I haven’t made them since!   It wasn’t because they didn’t turn out, although they weren’t’ quite like my Grandma’s mastered recipe, but it just took a long time!  My own family loved them, and as I put 4 each in a freezer bag and stacked them up in the freezer I couldn’t help but be a little proud and excited about my own stockpile of Kraut Kugans and wonder if Grandma was peeking over my shoulder!  
After numerous requests from my youngest,  saying “when are you going to make Kraut Kugans again?” I decided to take some time and go for it again.  The major task is the chopping of the cabbage into bite size pieces, but this was easily solved by my quiesenart.  After getting the mix done the other challenge is always making the dough!  But this time with ease the dough came out wonderful and it was fun to follow the instructions allowing it to rise and then getting to punch it down a few rounds.  The next challenge is to get just the right thickness of the each square of dough, in order to create the Kraut Kugans just right and keep the filling tucked inside.   The joy was getting them made and eating them and having so many of our own in the refrigerator!    I still don’t get out my Grandma made these so often and nearly every weekend and go to our games, host us for dinner, bowling club, Bunco, AND keep the house spotless! Perhaps because one of her only other guilty pleasures in that era was the Lawrence Welk Show which came on only Sunday nights.  I do remember something still cooking in the oven as she sat on the couch watching.  There wasn't blogging and facebook to steal time either.  Love you and Miss You Grandma.

 A Little Thin on the Filling But Not Bad

Friday, December 2, 2011

Opening Night! Woo Hoo!!

"Victoria & Christopher"

I just have to scream through a blog that I'M SO EXCITED!!! The Rolling Hills Christmas Drama opens tonight and I play a very fun role but a snobby role as Victoria.  It is amazing what goes into these productions as we started rehearsing in September! Rick Tillman the writer and director is amazing and so talented and has brought us all to the place tonight that we get to do what we love perform! I've never been in a leading role before so this is a first for me.  Normally in these productions I have had a few lines and would sing songs but tonight that all changes.  I'll post pictures later.  If you want to come and are in the Portland area here is the information.
A Message for Nobody