Friday, December 9, 2011

Big 10

We celebrated a milestone birthday for our youngest who turned 10!! He's a great kid and very funny.  His favorite gift was the Big Lego Kit, which by the way.. why on earth do those kits cost SO MUCH!! They take a solid afternoon to assemble but seriously it is ridiculous the amount they charge and the amount we will pay! The other smaller gifts were not expensive, a book, a movie, and a bag of pumpkin seeds, which he was very excited about since I didn't make seeds out of our pumpkins this year. Actually, we didn't even carve pumpkins this year and it was GREAT!! That is the one thing I really don't like to do in the fall, unlike our neighbor down the street who does 30!!! (seems to be overkill.. but to each is own).
Back to the Birthday Boy:  Lunch at Swagat Beaverton was his choice.  He loves interesting spices and foods so the Swagat Buffet was his first choice.  Great Indian food, all you can eat for $5.75 for kids.. great choice.  The choice to bowl didn't go too well for him as the gutters were winning, but a quick trip to the Baskin Robbins for orange sherbert made the night end well.. thankfully.

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