Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Found My Y2K Preparation List!

Y2K Awareness!!

As I say goodbye to 2011 this weekend I ran across a list I created to be prepared for Y2K! It's funny because I did nothing on this list post Y2K or there after.  Twelve years later I'm still not prepared for a major disaster and I'm still here!  I remember the biggest scare was all the computers were going to shut down and we could see our money disappear, planes crash and cars stop right in the middle of the road which is pretty scary.  So here's my list as written.  These ideas are good for general living for any emergency, but my notes sure are a little vague... Dutch ovens? 


First Aide
Make a cubbard (my husband reads this and asked "why on earth would you need to make a cubbard?") I think of course he knows it meant prepare a cubbard full of first aide supplies.. OH!! ha ha "make a cubbard"  "Honey get me the skill saw!"
Have 2 of Everything!!

Costco- Car Kit
Emergency Numbers

Kerosene Heaters $122
Kerosene Lamps 5.50
cooking sources!!
stove, Dutch ovens..

Evacuation Needs

1 gal per person per day
Pop Bottles
Juice Containers

know how to turn H2O and Gas Off

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  1. If our "reliable" media-prophets serve us correctly, I'd keep this list again. It just may come in handy this time by end of 2012!? :D But I think you might need more stuff?! :)