Monday, December 12, 2011

I Tried To Make Cake Pops and they Flopped

Cake Pop Flop
By now most of us have heard about the little cake pops.  Over the years I have tried to make unique character cakes for my children that have NEVER worked out! My daughter still remembers my attempt to make a Barbie Cake where the dress is the cake and the Barbie head sticks out the top.  She was horrified at age 5 when she realized her Barbie was amputated at the hip and stuck in the top of the cake. To make matters worse, the all afternoon project was proven a failure as the Barbie's pink skirt started dripping and sagging.. thanks to using too thin of frosting!! 
  I have reverted back to buying a store bought cake for most of the recent
Birthdays, or have made boring box cakes in a 9x18 pan with ready made frosting and sprinkles.  Not exactly fancy, but at least they work and are edible without the snickering behind my back!    In fact my son actually asked for one of my special box cakes with sprinkles on it, but I got another wild hair to do something creative.  Instead of buying the $20 cake, I bought a $19 cake pop maker.  Making the round cake balls was the easy part, frosting them was simply annoying!  If I made the frosting to thin it would be a glazed look which I was not going after. Too thick was pulling the cake right off the stick, so again I resorted to ready made frosting and at least got them around the ball and on the stick.  They seemed to be likeable, although comparing them to the real cake pops is quite sad.  I found a great website that actually does cake pops right and so cute! 

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