Friday, December 30, 2011

Tops of 2011

Top Mobile Pictures and Fun Things of 2011
(In no particular order)

Best Picture Enjoying a Warm Summer Day!

Not sure how to read this.. Sexy Sinner? Sexy Senior?
Either way they like the 4th meal @ Taco Bell too.
Best Week At The Beach!
Saw Amy in Arizona!!
Doing several Coffee House Shows
Watching daughter's photo shoot
Saw interesting but fun choice of business attire!

Found a wall full of "c's"

OSU Beaver Game!

Celebrated 17 years of Marriage
Got to work at the Amy Grant Show in Portland!
Best Tom Kha Soup!

Spotted the Cutest Waiter at our Favorite Restaurant...
Best Dessert- Bananas Foster at Isabelle Pearl
(That is where the cute Waiter is too!)
Best Tee Off Shot of my entire life!!
The WORST find ever! This was a picture for sale on the wall.
It was sold the next time I went to the store.


  1. Courtney! You are so funny...I love the pic of the cutest waiter with a slice of Ward's face on the left...perfect:)

    But I especially love your summer day pic. It looks like you had a rich's to an even better and richer 2012 for the Spears.

    Happy New Year Courtney!

  2. I love your summary in pictures for 2011. I've seen that picture that was sold, and now I'm trying to figure out where I've seen it hung...

    Coming from:

  3. Thanks! :) I saw the picture at Z-gallery.

  4. I've been enjoying your adventures, and your poor hubs too! Sounds like you all are doing great. Can't believe how big the kids are! Love that license plate. Though your right, how is it supposed to be read?

    It's fun keeping up with you through your writing. Happy New Year!