Friday, January 27, 2012

Hubs Goes To Sally's

Most women would be pretty ticked if their hubs came home and said "I just got back from Sally's" but we ladies know what that means. If there is any concern it is for other reasons that he may be hanging at Sally's... Beauty Supply. Tonight I knew he would enter into a world unknown to most men and I couldn't wait to hear any news of his experience. My hubs starts sweating the minute I might ask him to hold my purse and then comes the uncomfortable way he holds it away from his body, as if to scream "This purse is not in any way in close proximity to my manly body!"

Due to schedule conflicts he needed to take our daughter to get a Birthday gift for her friend at Sally Beauty Supply. This is a store that women, and I'm sure some men not to leave you out, go for their beauty needs and accessories. One quickly realizes that their hairdressers and manicurists have got it going on! Here the same products and secrets used by everyday salons are revealed and sold at affordable prices! A place Hubs would never even know existed, which he didn't.

Now a guy like Hubs, standing alone in the isle, is bait for the helpful 24 year old beauty school dropout...
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some Say We Look Alike

While sending off a school picture of my son  to my older sister the other day, she immediately wrote back saying "OH MY GOSH, that TOTALLY reminds me of YOU when you were in 5th grade!  I guess I always thought our middle son looked more like my husband so I took a double take.

I remember the day I realized I looked more like my dad than my mom.  My mom, the petite 5'3 frame and Miss Merry Christmas 1958 APPARENTLY gave her genes to my older sisters who by age 13 was towering over and nearly approaching my Dad's height and thus was the go to girl for reaching high things in the kitchen!  In fact just the other day a random person used my height to check a price for her which I gladly did, but brought back a flood of memories as mom would yell kindly "Tall one.. can you get..."
For some reason when people say to a young girl (or even an older girl in college) "Wow you look just like your Dad!"  it just doesn't sit in a perfect place internally, as I gazed into the lighted make-up mirror and applied yet another shade of lipstick and caked on eyeshadow.  One day at about age 16 the unthinkable happened as I was browsing through pictures of my dad from his high school year book.  There in the back row of the black and white football picture stood my dad wearing number 10 on his jersey, squinting in the sun, about my age, and an EXACT copy of my face only without makeup! Oh I see what's going on... the truth was right there.  I realized in fact without my makeup and hair, I looked like a man.. or maybe HE looked like a woman with a buzz cut and no make-up in a football uniform?  Thank heavens the days were gone when they pinned a woman as handsome! Good grief did I dodge an era or what!
My curiosity was hot with finding my 5th grade picture to set it side by side with my son's photo.  I had to laugh at the resemblance, and my feathered hair.  I called him in the room and said "hey look that's me in fifth grade!"  His brother started to laugh as he saw the resemblance.  My look a like son played it cool, but I could tell he was just a bit mortified to be compared to a girl. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hubs goes Hunting!

So Hubs went on his first hunting trip this last weekend!!! I thought for sure he was going to die either on the road there or by another hunter's shot, so I made sure he contacted our Life insurance agent so things were dialed in before he left. I hate when Hubs is gone, although the kids and I get to stay up really late and eat random meals all weekend which is fun. Hubs got a new bright orange hat and pulled out the old shotgun he inherited from his Dad that has remained in its case and under our bed for 17 years. Not knowing if the shotgun could still shoot a bullet, just knowing its existence in our house was comforting. Truth is, Hubs sleeps through most scary sounds. I am the ears and eyes of the family at night and when there is something to freak out about I whisper in that LOUD whisper "HUBS GET UP, GO CHECK OUT THE SOUND" well for pete's sake when he finally gets up and fumbles around for his glasses the sound is gone. (Whenever he is searching for his glasses in the dark it reminds me of the Scooby Doo episodes where Velma drops her glasses right near the ghost and she is searching frantically for them and FINDS them just in time!! ) To his credit he always finds them and does check out the the things that I hear at night without too
much grumbling.  I got a text and picture that Hubs Shot a (click here to read the rest)

CD Now Available using PayPal

Since switching over my website,  I have had to re-think orders, streaming music, and other logistics of running everything through blogger.  I solved one issue though:
I added a new friend today "Pay Pal" to my site so that you can now easily order "Between Chapters" online.  Still waiting to get things set up on I-Tunes for this Album but it is coming soon too.
Check out the Right Side Bar for the PayPal window.  OR if you are in the Portland area you can pick one up Friday February 10th at The Place To Be Cafe' in Canby, show is from 7-9p.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Shake Face Championships 2011

 The Shake Face Championships 2011 

Meet the Contestants

Contestant #1 has a lack of cheek disadvantage
Contestant #2 seems to have natural abilities right out of the chute!
Contestant #3 with the "someone give me my
meds or else" trick
Contestant #4 appears to be bringing the 
"fresh from the dentist" trick

Contestant #2 working the
 "give me a bucket"
Honerable Mention goes to contestant #1

        3rd Place                                                                2nd Place

And the Grand Prize Winner!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Pix" This Place Next Time

Pix Patisserie
3402 SE Division Portland

What a great alternative to Portland’s “Go To” dessert place which shall remain unnamed, because I love Pix! Two locations in Portland, however we have gone to the Division Street location both times. It’s easy to miss while driving by if you don’t know what you’re looking for the first go around. It's a place I might not recommend to people who love chain restaurant desserts or the hoity toity atmosphere or if they gasp when they see a piercings, (which sometimes I do if there are too many or in awkward places). But if you like eclectic décor in vintage style with a friendly staff Pix is your place. A fun, red tiled countertop and nostalgic candies for sale, makes Pix unique in itself with it's small cozy open seating space. Combine that with its delicious array of choices in the showcase, you will be a quick fan. Smashed in between buildings in Portland’s east side, Pix is definitely a great neighborhood, cozy, non typical "whole in the wall" place, with a fun flair, dessert place. The friendly staff makes you feel they're glad you're there, and just ask them about a dessert and you'll know they actually tried it from the exuberant smile and exclamation of goodness!

Walk in the door and mini dessert heaven greets you from the showcase. Pick your dessert, find a seat, order coffee or whatever you like and settle in for a great adventure in fine dessert eating entertainment. Dessert choices will blow your mind from outstanding displays and formations. The flavor is like nothing else. Shazam was a big hit at our table as well as Opera and Chocolate Royale. I had the repeat offender of Crème Brule which I split last time but decided to go at it alone this time, which although going down was quite memorable I was pretty uncomfortable on the ride home. A reasonable priced choice for a fun night out. This Summer I can't wait to try thier house recipe ice cream!  Click on the Picture below to see Pix Patisserie’s dessert choices and put Pix Patisserie on your list to try next time you have a night out on the town.

What Pix Pattisserie Website Says:
Kitschy and cute, Pix Patisserie’s original establishment is known for its bright yellow walls, comfy shoulder-to-shoulder seating, and oh-so smart waiting staff. Enjoy one of our craft beers, a tasty dessert wine or Batdorf & Bronson coffee. This shop also plays host to many of Pix’s special events such as Dessert Dim Sum or Concoct Your Own Dessert night. Opened in January 2003, this dessert boutique hosts a kitchen of talented and hardworking pastry chefs that are the co-creators of our masterpieces and single handedly make Pix Patisserie’s line of ice creams.  -Pix Pattisserie

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bertha Takes Me Thrifting!!

My $12 Down Coat!
Sometimes I never know where exactly my car "Bertha" will take me.  She's old, tired, abused, but very loyal and knows the places I like to go.  She surprised me today when she pulled in to my FAVORITE thrift, store, The Red White Blue store.   I love searching for treasures and a unique piece of clothing or two and getting a great deal!  The only thing I dont' like about the RWB thrift store is that they only accept cash and I am not a "cash girl", I'm a debit card user to the core!   They do have an ATM on sight but having to pay $1.50 for the fee kind of  zaps the joy out of it.  After all that $1.50 could go a long way in a store like The Red White and Blue, and since I didn't know Bertha was taking me there I didn't come prepared with cash at all so had to cough up the $1.50 extra.  I noticed the parking lot was rather full which was odd to me until I realized it was 1/2 price day which was very exciting until I realized it was for 55 and OLDER! Which is when I realized how thankful I was that I brought my cane and wig with just kidding.  I was however tempted to stick a finger in the back of slow walking 90 year old tell her I was loaded and threaten her to be my "Grandma" for the day or else.. but I contained myself.  Apparently, Saturday is the day everyone else under 55 get to come and fight for 1/2 priced goods.   I found a few great finds like an amazing coat for $12 which if I had that Grandma would have gotten for $6!!  After my cart was full of treasures, I pull up to the counter and the checker asks me if I'm here with anyone over 55 which I then turned my head and yelled "GRANDMA HURRY UP"!!  When no one came forward that was the end of that charade as I again coughed up the big change.  The awkward find of the day was the new, never been burned, Apple Cinnamon candle for $3.00 (really 1.50 if Grandma would have..yah well you know)  that still had the Christmas gift tag taped to the bottom, that said: 
Merry Christmas
To: Jean
From:  The Jones's
Apparently Jean was either not a candle lover, Jewish, afraid of fire, allergic to wax, or really couldn't stand the Jones family to have that kind of return time on a Christmas present.  I mean who opens a nice scented candle and takes it right to the thrift store? I could understand if the scent was boiled egg or even cat litter but it was Apple Spice? So odd...   I Picked up a few beautiful planters that I may sell on ebay and thanks to Pinterest idea a new wire frame I'm going to turn into a jewelry holder.   Here's a few other awesome finds that I passed on  purchasing, but couldn't help but document.

I always find it funny what people give away and think others will want to buy. Like the picture of a silhouette of some random kids profile? Who would actually pick that up and say "oh my stars that looks just like Billy's profile..Perfect!"

Looks JUST like Billy tail and all!

I hate reptiles so when I went around the corner and saw this horrific box that stated REPTILE.. I gasped.  Thankfully it was empty, of course it was, but my mind wandered for a bit thinking of all the "What IF" scenarios. 

And of course this is classic find!!! I found this gem last year in a bin at the Goodwill. I really hope someone doesn't ever hate me or my picture this much to just toss it to the thrift store! Maybe it's the Jones's daughter Kim and Jean tossed it last year just like she did the Apple Spiced candle this year.