Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese Food Night General Tso's Chicken and Fried Rice

I must say I have had an excellent week of cooking.   I never thought I would hear the sweet savory words "mom you are a really good cook"!  Glory be!   I took a few recipes off my Pinterest "foods to try" board and another one from a couple spice packages on a BOGO sale.  My family loves Chinese food or any Asian food for that matter, so finding a way to make Asian food at home and making it taste good is quite an accomplishment! To top that off it was a fairly inexpensive meal.

General Tso's Chicken

1/2 Package of Chicken Tenders
General Tso's Seasoning Package prepared as listed on the back.

Before adding the sauce I cut up the pieces of chicken while partly frozen! What this did for me was #1 it made the chicken less gross and slimy to handle and #2 it was easier to cut into the sizes I wanted, rather than wrestling with slimy soft chicken with sick visible blood veins exposed.

Courtney's General So's Chicken

Home Made Fried Rice-SO EASY!!!

Now I know people with Asian roots will have far better rice ideas but they were not in my kitchen at the moment I was cooking this dish so it is what it is.   I always like to quickly google recipes and although I don't always have all the ingredients, I can come pretty close to making a decent dish if I have at least 3/4 of the items.  On this night before I had realizing I had ran out of the seasoning package for fried rice I had to scramble for other ingredients which thankfully I had thanks to my wild hair of making Lettuce Wraps over the holidays which also were a huge hit!

Prepare A lot of white Rice- Set aside
1-3 scrambled eggs
mixed bag frozen vegetables (carrots, peas, corn, whatever)
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste
Tbsp Hoisen sauce ( this and the Oyster sauce are optional, I just tried it and it gave it an extra different kick! 
1 Tsp Oyster Sauce

So basically you Scramble the eggs in the pan, add the white rice, add a little dab of oil, add the vegetables that you had previously thawed and partially cooked even, then add all the other ingredients and mix it up and stir fry for a little while.

So there you go! I sometimes add a package of Trader Joe's Spring Rolls which are delicious as well and a nice side dish. 

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