Friday, January 27, 2012

Hubs Goes To Sally's

Most women would be pretty ticked if their hubs came home and said "I just got back from Sally's" but we ladies know what that means. If there is any concern it is for other reasons that he may be hanging at Sally's... Beauty Supply. Tonight I knew he would enter into a world unknown to most men and I couldn't wait to hear any news of his experience. My hubs starts sweating the minute I might ask him to hold my purse and then comes the uncomfortable way he holds it away from his body, as if to scream "This purse is not in any way in close proximity to my manly body!"

Due to schedule conflicts he needed to take our daughter to get a Birthday gift for her friend at Sally Beauty Supply. This is a store that women, and I'm sure some men not to leave you out, go for their beauty needs and accessories. One quickly realizes that their hairdressers and manicurists have got it going on! Here the same products and secrets used by everyday salons are revealed and sold at affordable prices! A place Hubs would never even know existed, which he didn't.

Now a guy like Hubs, standing alone in the isle, is bait for the helpful 24 year old beauty school dropout...
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