Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Pix" This Place Next Time

Pix Patisserie
3402 SE Division Portland

What a great alternative to Portland’s “Go To” dessert place which shall remain unnamed, because I love Pix! Two locations in Portland, however we have gone to the Division Street location both times. It’s easy to miss while driving by if you don’t know what you’re looking for the first go around. It's a place I might not recommend to people who love chain restaurant desserts or the hoity toity atmosphere or if they gasp when they see a piercings, (which sometimes I do if there are too many or in awkward places). But if you like eclectic décor in vintage style with a friendly staff Pix is your place. A fun, red tiled countertop and nostalgic candies for sale, makes Pix unique in itself with it's small cozy open seating space. Combine that with its delicious array of choices in the showcase, you will be a quick fan. Smashed in between buildings in Portland’s east side, Pix is definitely a great neighborhood, cozy, non typical "whole in the wall" place, with a fun flair, dessert place. The friendly staff makes you feel they're glad you're there, and just ask them about a dessert and you'll know they actually tried it from the exuberant smile and exclamation of goodness!

Walk in the door and mini dessert heaven greets you from the showcase. Pick your dessert, find a seat, order coffee or whatever you like and settle in for a great adventure in fine dessert eating entertainment. Dessert choices will blow your mind from outstanding displays and formations. The flavor is like nothing else. Shazam was a big hit at our table as well as Opera and Chocolate Royale. I had the repeat offender of Crème Brule which I split last time but decided to go at it alone this time, which although going down was quite memorable I was pretty uncomfortable on the ride home. A reasonable priced choice for a fun night out. This Summer I can't wait to try thier house recipe ice cream!  Click on the Picture below to see Pix Patisserie’s dessert choices and put Pix Patisserie on your list to try next time you have a night out on the town.

What Pix Pattisserie Website Says:
Kitschy and cute, Pix Patisserie’s original establishment is known for its bright yellow walls, comfy shoulder-to-shoulder seating, and oh-so smart waiting staff. Enjoy one of our craft beers, a tasty dessert wine or Batdorf & Bronson coffee. This shop also plays host to many of Pix’s special events such as Dessert Dim Sum or Concoct Your Own Dessert night. Opened in January 2003, this dessert boutique hosts a kitchen of talented and hardworking pastry chefs that are the co-creators of our masterpieces and single handedly make Pix Patisserie’s line of ice creams.  -Pix Pattisserie

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