Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Shake Face Championships 2011

 The Shake Face Championships 2011 

Meet the Contestants

Contestant #1 has a lack of cheek disadvantage
Contestant #2 seems to have natural abilities right out of the chute!
Contestant #3 with the "someone give me my
meds or else" trick
Contestant #4 appears to be bringing the 
"fresh from the dentist" trick

Contestant #2 working the
 "give me a bucket"
Honerable Mention goes to contestant #1

        3rd Place                                                                2nd Place

And the Grand Prize Winner!!


  1. Nicely done, Spears family! Did you get a headache after, like me? :) - Heather McKendry

  2. Thanks! yah I thought you would be proud.. and no headache either!

  3. Ha Ha! The grand prize winner (your hubs) also should win best HOMER SIMPSON look-alike! DOOH! :D

  4. Good Observation Pongboy! ha ha