Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some Say We Look Alike

While sending off a school picture of my son  to my older sister the other day, she immediately wrote back saying "OH MY GOSH, that TOTALLY reminds me of YOU when you were in 5th grade!  I guess I always thought our middle son looked more like my husband so I took a double take.

I remember the day I realized I looked more like my dad than my mom.  My mom, the petite 5'3 frame and Miss Merry Christmas 1958 APPARENTLY gave her genes to my older sisters who by age 13 was towering over and nearly approaching my Dad's height and thus was the go to girl for reaching high things in the kitchen!  In fact just the other day a random person used my height to check a price for her which I gladly did, but brought back a flood of memories as mom would yell kindly "Tall one.. can you get..."
For some reason when people say to a young girl (or even an older girl in college) "Wow you look just like your Dad!"  it just doesn't sit in a perfect place internally, as I gazed into the lighted make-up mirror and applied yet another shade of lipstick and caked on eyeshadow.  One day at about age 16 the unthinkable happened as I was browsing through pictures of my dad from his high school year book.  There in the back row of the black and white football picture stood my dad wearing number 10 on his jersey, squinting in the sun, about my age, and an EXACT copy of my face only without makeup! Oh I see what's going on... the truth was right there.  I realized in fact without my makeup and hair, I looked like a man.. or maybe HE looked like a woman with a buzz cut and no make-up in a football uniform?  Thank heavens the days were gone when they pinned a woman as handsome! Good grief did I dodge an era or what!
My curiosity was hot with finding my 5th grade picture to set it side by side with my son's photo.  I had to laugh at the resemblance, and my feathered hair.  I called him in the room and said "hey look that's me in fifth grade!"  His brother started to laugh as he saw the resemblance.  My look a like son played it cool, but I could tell he was just a bit mortified to be compared to a girl. 

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