Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The 45 Cycling Uniforms Must Go!

Today marked a monumental day in the history of our marriage.

photo by Loren Javier
There was a day when we were first dating where I heard a pebble hit my window. Like any love struck twenty something that moment lead to numerous flashbacks of movie scenes, could it really be? The boy outside waiting for the curtain to swing open revealing his true love perched at the upstairs window, only by share of the $475/month rent did not give me an upstairs window that flew romantically open rather a metal single framed slider window that stuck. Regardless as I ran to my window swung open the curtains awaiting the song or poem defining our true love, I wiped the condensation off the window to see a figure dressed like Tron. I knew of this Tron character thanks to the many hours in the arcade 10 years earlier. He didn't realize he was dressed like Tron he just was out for his normal bike ride donned in his cycling outfit! Well this Tron like behavior has continued to be very prevalent in our marriage. Thankfully, this is what he uses to de-stress from work, my cooking flops, and being blogged about (click here to finish story)

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