Monday, February 20, 2012

DickieJo's Burgers New In Tualatin Oregon

DickieJo's Burgers
Tulatin, Oregon

DickieJoe's Burgers Tualatin

Well I guess it's hamburger week as we checked out one more new place closer to home tonight Dickie Jo's Burgers. Knowing we were eating there for dinner I decided to head up to the track and run 3 miles. Today I'm in pain but it was worth it for the new experience.  I am not going to lie any company with the name D--k in it I really try to avoid. I just feel like there are so many better options of name choosing why would anyone not go by Richard. RichieJo's Burgers would have sounded just fine and the food wouldn't have changed and I would have had clean thoughts every time I ate there. Just like the big box sporting store down the street.. why not call it Rich's Sporting Goods.. Or Richards Auto Supply.  But no all those stores have to have the big blocked letters out there screaming inappropriateness.  I know that is very "junior high" of me but I also still like roller skating and turn red and giggle when someones zipper is down.  Thankfully, I noticed on their website address it's shortened to DJ's which I can do.
Back to DickieJo's.. The place opened 6 days ago, and Sunday night was packed with a line out the door.  The line moved pretty quick as it's the type of place you choose what you want and then go find your seat.  The first thing is I notice they offer quite a few things on their menu like corn dogs, chili dogs, chicken strips with a Ritz cracker crust (explaining the Ritz cracker box display) and a section of the store is dedicated just to making malts, shakes and ice cream delights!  A 50's diner theme having an eating counter, lots of red and white, checkered floor and a buzzing atmosphere of of burger excitement. 
Basic Burger comes with hamburger, tomato, onion and their "secret sauce" and each additional item like cheese, mushrooms etc. is .49c.  The fry basket was good size and very splittable amongst two adults or in our case one adult and two hungry boys.  You know from my last hamburger posting the fries are very important for me, so I couldn't wait to try them.

The burger was very down home simple but very tasty, the kind you would expect when you want to take your kid out or maybe high schoolers on a first date, the kind you crave when you think "All I want is a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake" that kind of burger.  The fries passed my "excellent fries" test and we had no problem finishing and fighting for the last one.  They serve them with a nice tasty fry sauce too.  The service on this night was great! Very friendly people after 6 days of a learning curve and a busy place.
We left DickieJos pretty happy and really excited to come back soon.  We didn't have that uncomfortable full feeling I get after some burgers where it feels like a rock is planted in your stomach and the guilt and shame creeps in.  Instead we left feeling really satisfied and wanting more.  I'm not really going to call this a chain just yet because this seems to be only the 3rd store, however that is a little confusing by the 1952 sign and the original DickieJo's owners in Ohio.  But for now it will stay in my restaurant reviews of smaller non big chain reviews.  I can just picture our family on bikes this summer, maybe ringing the bike bell, riding down to DickieJoe's, slapping on some jukebox music and enjoying a nice malt, hamburger and fries. Maybe I'll even wear my poodle skirt for fun.

Leave your comments on your experience at DickieJo's!


  1. Come try WOW Burger in Wilsonville and write a review!

  2. Wow Burger is on my list.. I need to run again first and our burger budget is shot for this week so we'll have to wait thanks for the invite I'll be there soon.

  3. I never got to the review part of this post, as I just kept reading the first few sentences to anybody that would listen. This is the best; "I am not going to lie any company with the name D--k in it I really try to avoid."

    So was the burger any good?

    And while you are at it, can you explain why nobody uses the name Bobert? Rob, Robby, Robert, Bob, and Bobby are all frequently used options, but who is going to be the first person bold enough to go with Bobert?

    1. Sorry a little slow to respond.. YES the burger was great! They've been doing this for years which I think makes the difference.. and also not expanding too quick. BOBERT!! ha ha

  4. Wow what a awesome post.I loved it.....!

    Thanks for more info.....

    Dr. Carl Balog

  5. Thanks Carl! glad you enjoyed the post.