Monday, February 27, 2012

Food Carts Make Me Happy

Food Cart Tour
32nd Division Portland

If you haven't heard yet, but probably have... Portland is famous for the number of food carts in the city.  When I was first married my husband would go to a taco truck nearby and the thought of that made me queasy back then.  I don't know if it was "worry about everything" syndrome, or the idea that how could someone actually cook in a cart and wash their hands?  But after numerous experiences of these restaurants on wheels, I have never gotten sick and have always been delighted with the food.  Two years ago on an errand downtown I found my new favorite Mexican Food Truck and the best Taco I have ever had, and thus the beginning of my freedom to try any food cart.   We've spent alot of time at the Hawthorne street corner on 12th where it's open late and serves a variety of choices.  My favorites of  course being the Frenchy Fry Cart called "Potato Champian" which always has a line, but worth the wait, and the crepe place Perierra Cr√™perie that you will also wait in line for but again, worth the wait.  A lot of these places only take cash so be ready for that, but some will take credit or have and ATM on site.  These are great places to take kids to try new things too and it's pretty reasonable.

KOI Fusion Tacos!!! HELLO BLISS!
Our recent diversion from our original destination took us to SE Division street where we tried a couple new places and had heard about this great food called KOI Fusion which mixes Korean with Mexican.  I yelped when I saw that KOI Fusion was located here and even more excited when I saw the $2/taco price.  I just found my new favorite taco place as the flavors in this KoreaTaco are amazingly scrumptious.  It has such a sweet taste to it which complimented the pulled ribs and chicken flavors.   Koi Fusion has the original truck and also added two Kiosk locations in SW 2nd Yamill, and also in Tigard at Bridgeport!

For dessert we just had to go to the Pie Spot which also wins the cutest trailer award! The Pie Spot served these cute individual served pies that cost $3.50. I had this delicious Pecan Caramel and my husband chose the Marian berry which were both equally tasty in their own rights but I think I won this round. The crust was really perfectly tasty and textured. It looked like there other trailers and trucks that we'd like to try, although I'm always going to leave $2 handy for KOI Fusion! The Division Street and 32nd Carts located right across the popular Pok Pok which we originally were going to try dinner, but the hour long wait was not something we wanted to do and the wood stove burning fire and lovely white accent lights made the Food Cart area very inviting. After sitting in the fire pit area eating out fabulous food we were freezing out of minds because about 10 bodies were crowed around the flames, our bodies not being any of them.  The only thing I will give of a final tip is to BYOTB!! Yeah that means Bring Your Own Trash Bag, because we couldn't find one on the property that night, oh wait we found one but there was clear signage that read "THIS CAN ONLY FOR (blah blah) FOOD CART!!!! Which scared us enough to turn the other way and carry our trash home.

Cute Trailer Award!!

Cute Customer Award!!


Add your own comments on your favorite Food Carts in Portland So I can go check them out! I'm not a big fishy person so keep it real. 

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  1. Check out my high school classmate (Shelly Sorenson)s cart at Pioneer Square called Huge Honkin' Burrito. Hers was one of the original Portland foodcarts from 20 years ago, still in business!