Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Doesn't Matter -Jogging Video Chronicle

Jogging Video Chronicles
"Pain Face" I hate Jogging It hurts
It doesn’t matter that I am in severe pain right now after my jog.  Nor does it matter that I’m still in pain from last Monday’s jog.  It doesn’t matter that the whole way I’m thinking about how I’m getting further away from home and how I hate jogging and just want to be home.  Wondering if my rear looks as bad as it feels right now trotting down the street, wearing black helps, a hat helps to disguise the ugly pain face.  I dream of looking presentable in shorts and swimsuits.. this keeps me going nothing else.. ok maybe getting into a cuter pair of jeans.  I feel what.. I feel more shallow when I feel terrible about how tight my jeans feel.  It doesn’t matter that I don’t’ get whistled at anymore on the streets, perhaps I should change my route to go past the auto parts store or constructions site if history is any guide.  Actually, with spring coming the outdoor lawn care companies may provide the much needed ego whistles, not that it matters.   It doesn’t matter that I run past the school zone sign thinking I’m going 20 realizing that’s the car coming behind me.. it passes.. and I get clocked at 6mph.  It doesn’t matter that I jog for the wrong reasons sometimes, for instance jogging so I can eat a hamburger and then blog about that hamburger.  It doesn’t matter that the only thing fun about my jog today was that I started videoing parts of it and thinking about my jog blogging.  And it really doesn’t matter that husband wasn’t home when I huff and puffed around the corner but came home 5 minutes later when I was sitting at the computer….shame on my timing.  What really matters is I got out there and put the miles in especially after eating too many chips yesterday which I thought didn’t matter at the time, but we all know.   The best part was telling my husband how I jogged the first mile, walked half of 2, jogged the other, walked half, jogged the other, jogged the next and walked the next half only to walk the last.  His surprised and confused look overtook his face and my wittiness overtook my ability to keep a straight face as he asked “how many miles did you go!!?” “it doesn’t matter”. 
                                                                    Confession #1

                                                               Confession #2

                                                         Shoot Hubs is not home to see me!

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  1. OMG!!! I love this!!! I never thought of video while I ran... great idea for motivation!!

  2. That was so funny Courtney! I was laughing out loud as I read this at work. Loved the "your throwing away $40 in coupons, even if you are just eating ho-ho's" comment. And going by auto parts stores to get some encouraging whistles. And Ward missing all your hard work only to find you sitting at the computer. You gave me fun things to laugh about today!!

  3. Awe thanks :) Fun to read what lines you liked thanks for commenting because us artsy people love hearing what you think :) It's all part of the shallow insecurities.. ha

    Ann: I think next time I'll remember that holding the camera at a better angle is helpful to the watcher!

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