Monday, February 13, 2012

My Night With the Grammy's

Grammy’s 2012

Wow what a great night of music entertainment  at the 2012 Grammy’s.   I absolutely loved how classy this show was even though they failed to have my favorite duo the Civil Wars sing for more than 60 seconds.. someone needs to be fired in production.    LL Cool J opening with prayer was interesting, as the camera panned the audience where many were bowed in reverence others blatantly looking around with their chins held high as to say “no way am I going to get caught bowing”. Needless to say, God only knows the true heart and we can pray with our eyes open, but I still couldn’t get the flashback of 1987 during LL praying as the lyrics from his album “Bigger and Deffer” came rushing back and the picture of my mom’s face when she found lyrics I copied on a sheet of paper from his Album.   I’m sure she was ready to get the suitcase and send me to live with nuns for the rest of my high school after reading those, but thankfully I got to stay but  LL had to go.   
"The Non Nominee"

The first thing I noticed at the Grammy’s was the hair!  From Katy Perry to Alecia Keys, Bonnie Rait’s grey swoop in the middle (which I know is signature) to the sweaty hair pile outside at the Foo Fighter concert, it was all about the hair for a while.   I don’t even know what Lady Gaga’s hair looked like because she was pinned behind some cage like contraption that looked like she just got pried out from jaws of life and the crow bar through her shoulder that was keeping her from snapping.. all while carrying a scepter.  Ok then!  How much did I love that Adel beat Gaga in the Best Pop Solo and Album category! 

A few highlights for me were Tony Bennet's and Carrie Underwoods' duet of "It Had To Be Me" although I could have done without the "Thank you Mr. Bennett" in Carrie's baby voice at the end, as if Tony just showed up from the care home and she was the highlight, it was Tony as the highlight in that duo in my opinion.  The other noticable highlight was when Bon Iver thanked all the people that would never get a chance to be on that stage "the non nominees" that are singer/songwriters but will never be there.. I kind of felt part of that group for a moment as tears came to my eyes and I had to take a pill.. thanks for that Iver. 
Taylor Swift comes out in rags with her hobo friends and banjo singing her song  “Mean”, which I was so thankful she sounded great live, finally.  I have heard her on these shows before and either nerves or a bad ear piece normally creates for a end of the song  “oh poor girl” comment.  THIS time however,  she got a standing O, which she seemed very shocked by, and one that didn’t come with the ending of Katy Perry’s strange space age routine other than the 40 people crammed in the mosh pit, that HAD to stand the whole time.   Could the music scene be getting tired of smut?   I don’t know maybe the night was just “Houstinfied” and the prayer helped to get things started off in the right spirit.  I'm choosing to block out the horror of Nicki Minaj ending song..I mean rap.. I mean oh.. who knows what that was.  Her and Gaga just need to cat fight it out.
Adel’s performance was stunning and graceful.  I have never seen her perform in human form only have seen her on the front of the CD cover 21 which I own.  The very first time I heard the lyrics I felt really sorry for this woman!  But to see her strength and beauty doing a performance after throat surgery was quite memorable.   I know that the British accent, to most of us, oozes instant classiness but Adele owned it in her words unlike some other Brits we’ve seen lately.   In the end she gets the Best Artist Award and her graciousness and snot flying crying was just great.    I’m a new fan, even though I’m currently writing a parody of “Rolling in the Deep”.

Finally, the most memorable moment of this year’s Grammy’s for me, and will always be, was when Jennifer Hudson took the stage.  I hadn’t heard she was going to sing Whitney’s song “I Will Always Love You” and as I heard the intro and saw her I was thinking “wow that is gutsy” considering the legacy Whitney left.   Jennifer nailed it!  I was impressed by her own rendition of the song and her actually "holding it together" for such an emotional moment.  I was doing the fanning of my eyes and would have COMPLETLEY lost it if Jenn would have taken it the next octave but she stayed in the mellow register as if to leave that octave to the one an only.   So many Whitney songs come to mind when remembering her but I always go back to the 1987 song “All at Once” which was dedicated to the boy I liked that didn’t like me but liked the other girl who introduced me to the Whitney song.. such a small world.   I still remember  sitting in the bleachers, we were playing basketball at Parkrose High School, I had my yellow walkman with my cassette tape of Whitney piping in my ears,  as I glared at her and thought of love lost and how he was in someone else’s arms just like Whitney was saying!   I mean How will I know if he really loves me,  I believe children are our future.. I just wanna dance with somebody!
Here’s a short list of the winner/s  good thing for the dance album category that Adele didn’t bust a move on “Rolling in the Deep”.  

As for me I’m going to start working on my Grammy for 2013 in the “Best Mexican Or Tejano Album!

Record of the Year – “Rolling In The Deep” Adele
Album of the Year- “21” Adele
Song of The Year – “Rolling In the Deep”  Adele
Best New Artist- Bon Iver
Best Pop Solo -  “Someone Like You” Adele
Best Pop Album- “21” Adele
Best Rock Performance  Foo Fighters 
Best Rock Song “Walk”  Foo Fighters
Best Rock Album  “Wasting Light” Foo Fighters
Best Country Duo/Perf  “Barton Hallow”  The Civil Wars  
Best Contemporary Christian Album – “And If our God is With Us” Chris Thomlin
Best Contemporary Christian Song -  “Blessings” Laura Story
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  1. Great account of the Grammy's and I am forever emotionally damaged by witnessing Niki sing. What the heck was that???? She is not ok if you want my opinion. Thanks for making me laugh-and I too am in that category with you. Maybe we should host our own Grammy night for singer/songwriters like ourselves?

  2. Loved the recap Courtney! You make me laugh! Nice hair-do there too.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting :) Glad you liked it. Laura I can show you how to do the hair it would look fab. on you! :)