Friday, February 24, 2012

Taco Bell Dorito Taco Coming March 8th!! GET IN THE VAN!!!

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Taco Bell Dorito Taco COMING March 8th, 2012

Are you kidding me??  I cought my breath today when watching the Today Show and it was revealed that Taco Bell is launching the new Dorito Taco March 8th!! Merging my weak moment splurges feels like the moment in my life where ice cream was married to raw cookie dough. On a non food level some of you remember when in grade school we fell in love with Joanie and Chachi on Happy Days they had their first kiss and then got MARRIED!! But the most exciting news of that union was we all found out the network was giving us a whole show called Joanie love Chachi!! breathe... ok here's a little gift for J&C lovers... let the melting begin.

Well the only thing that I was a bit deflated about was Today Show's Donnie Deutsch saying this brand was marketed for young guys and  young boys who don't care... wait a minute here pal.. there are women who secretly, and maybe not so secretly,  who don't care either! He apparently did not read that I just took one for the "team" a few weeks ago and tried Taco Bells' Crunchy Beef Burrito, survived, AND blogged about it.. so there.  Perhaps I represent the curios 2% of women out there who are not afraid to try the "guy food" but I beg to argue that there are more childless minivans out there that will pull in on March 8th, even if it's after the family is tucked in bed and you have to drive 15 more miles to find the 24 hour Taco Bell.  I figure it's all in moderation so don't be afraid, however, I have witnessed first hand that a some people (who I won't mention but I have a blog about him) have built up an intolerance to such food products and severely pay for the reappearance into the digestive system.  So word to the wise, if you are one of these people.. don't start with ANY of the burrito choices.. that will mess you up.. start with the soft taco.. even the name sounds nice.  Try one this week and maybe the next and then on March 8th you'll be ready!! 

Took One For The Team-Crunchy Beef Burrito

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