Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Artist- A Silent Film..Sponsored by Ensure


So have you seen "The Artist"?  If not, you have probably heard of it, the silent movie that took home the coveted 2012 Best Motion Picture award.  Intrigued by this silent gem, I suggested we see this movie even though I knew that it would be taking the "chick flick" one step further.  I'm not saying "The Artist" is a "chick flick" but it just might be a close cousin in a man's world.   A classic theater in down town Lake Oswego, Oregon,  was playing the prized film.  This is the same theater that nearly 22 years ago I'd pay $3 to see the double feature which was of course a deal, but that came with the understanding that while sitting in the seat, your feet would most likely started sliding forward from the goo and spilled pop on the floor.   After the floods of 1996 that destroyed the inside of the theater the question was if the theater would make a come back.  Well it did, and with a new face lift and design it is quite the hometown living room theater.

Walking in we are greeted by a friendly senior citizen who has posted a sign that reads:
I am 91, how old are you?

Walking towards the theater room, we pass a cozy living room setting with fireplace and then stop at the popcorn counter.  The theater ticket prices are not the only thing that make it worth checking out the Lake Twin.  The snack prices are actually reasonable and do not make you feel like your guilty pleasure comes with a heavy price of shame, lack of self control,  topped off with $18 price and a big stomach ache to take you into the next morning. 
The clientele this night a little older than us but perhaps fitting since it is a silent movie, in a bedroom community where 31.0% of the population si 45 to 64, and 11.4% are 65 years of age or older.  I think we hit the night where most of the 11.4% chose to see "The Artist" too.  Normally that would be just fine, but in a theater that seats about 100, a bunch of seniors, a myriad of bodily noises and a very noticeably quiet theater, THAT can make for quiet a combination.  Senior or not, opening a sealed tight coffee frappe at a silent movie rocks everyone's world, and opening the second one is just simply offensive, but we were thirsty!  Then I guess it was time for someone to take their pills about 8 rows back.  In the quietness of the theater the munching of the popcorn and slurping of the pop (or Ensure)is deafening.   Cue the Asthmatic attack and the smokers emphysema cough with flem, we have quite the chorus of geriatric ensemble.

The movie was still stunning in nature.  It surprised both of us that our over caffinated, technology snobbish expectations of movies, were pleasently surprised by this silent film.  It told a beautiful story capitaviting us for 90 minutes.  I wouldn't choose to return to the silent film format but it was a nice change from the normal.   The music itself was fun to listen to and it felt, while sitting in this nestalgic little theater, that we were taking part in a memorable moment.

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  1. Good that you're sharing this experience with everyone! Because I agree! :)

    Let me just say that as a self-proclaimed movie buff and cinephile, "The Artist" was magnificent in every way (and well deserved the Best Pix Oscar)! I wouldn't call this a "chick flick" but a "great flick" (for women, men, and children to see!). I, too, saw this movie at "The Lake" in Lake Oswego, the best place to see such a movie.

    Being from L.A., I really miss the indie art houses the screened small, eclectic indie movies (some with subtitles) of yester-year. So I am a big supporter of this movie-house with all it's pleasantly quirky annoyances.

    So to all adjacent residences, always support "The Lake!" And GO SEE "The Artist!" It's an homage to movies; a movie in LOVE with movies! And that's my kind of movie to see! :)