Monday, March 12, 2012

Dorito Taco Unveiled!! MERCY!!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!

Dorito Taco Unveiled ( the rest of the story)

Mocking This Whle Event!
It finally happened the Dorito Taco unveiled its' crispy processed face to the general public on March 8, 2012.  For me this unveiling came on a day I was traveling with my family to the Bay Area of California.  Knowing I would have my share of opportunities to try and get to know this new Taco Bell child, I was the least bit concerned of it not actually happening on the unveiling day.  So it was.. around lunch time as we passed through Mt. Shasta City population 3394 that I would spot the purple bell right off the highway.  Making our way through the parking lot we notice the line is particularly long…could it be that all are here for the delicious taco that compares to none other?  I opted for the inside ordering as that always seems to go faster than the drive through in the end (if there is no line inside)  I always seem to be the “lucky one” that lands behind the car that orders 32 tacos and 15 sides and 5 cokes.  Fast food is no longer fast food when waiting in that line.   Inside would be quick.. it better be so this doesn't throw off our rigid driving schedule!  Taco Bell usually is quick, so no big deal..we’re just getting two Dorito Tacos for heaven's sake.   I order.. I wait.. I wait…. 5 minutes… walk around.. check outside… all is well.. wait.. begin huffing and puffing… calm down and walk over to a table where two teenagers are who I noticed ordered the Doritos Taco’s! 
Me: “Hey did you order the Dorito Tacos?”   
Girls: “yeah”
Me: “Did you like them?”
Girls: “yeah”
Me in my head: (should I get my camera out and interview them? No…yeah….no..hmm….no)
Me: “ok bye”  (such a chicken)

Waiting…..waiting… in my head (OH FOR PETE’S SAKE!!)   Then I notice, as I make my presence known back at the counter, displaying my ticket as if to say “hey there.. forget someone”?, that this is no ordinary Taco Bell, (speaking of CHICKEN),  it is a combined Taco Bell/KFC!  This could take a while… I mean we have people back there cooking way too many things and the typical assembly line process as slowed way down thanks to the chicken wings getting in the way.. No wonder the line was long outside we have people ordering individual pieces of chicken, and probably changing their mind as they go!  Not to mention this town of 3394 has really nowhere to be fast!  I have made a terrible mistake.   I was beginning to wonder if they had to hand make each Dorito Taco Shell, or perhaps didn't count on all 3394 people in the city to want some and now they are out, or maybe even worse they realized that they just let their only Hispanic guy go home and were now operating with only fried chicken lovers who knew nothing about the new item on the menu!  Waiting… 12 minutes later and FINALLY my two Dorito tacos appear!!!   I'm sorry Shasta City but my Oregon Taco Bell would have launched those at me by the time I had put my change in my pocket you have some training to do. 
Going In
This is so exciting they are actually so special they are individually wrapped in a cardboard sleeve for extra protection safe from cracks, chips, or tares!  The only thing missing were the words “This side Up”.
First look at the shell was curious as it really didn’t look like a Dorito chip, in fact it looked like a processed over seasoned thin “orange lip maker”.  Oh well here it goes.. crunch… crunch…chew..hmm..
I passed it to my husband and around to my children.  The under 18’s thought it was good, but they also like Warheads candy.. I’m not going to lie.. I didn’t love it.. in fact I would never order it again.  I KNOW…all this hype but seriously, I was pretty disappointed in the shell and about 15 minutes later my stomach was screaming at me!  I was crying MERCY!!! WHY!!!!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!

One good thing is that there is one less temptation for me on the menu.   I have a feeling that this Dorito Taco is just going to be on the menu for a short time and the stock in TUMS is going to go up! I’m just thinking… anyway took one more for the team and now I’m out!

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