Monday, March 26, 2012

Facebook-Medical a new social network

I was just thinking.. that it might be great to start Facebook -Medical. How many times have you been casually browsing the latest status' and BAM there is a picture of someones recent surgery scar with black and blue coloring, and puss (I hate that word) oozing out on the sides.  THANK you for that visual this morning as I eat my biscuit with honey, thank goodness I opted out of the jelly filled donut.

Here's the pitch:

On Facebook-Medical,which would be a club of its own for you to join if you so choose, you can not only post your post-op videos and photos, but you can also NEVER miss anyone else's graphic posts.  Imagine the beauty for people who like to post accidents, family members drugged out in emergency rooms, infected eye wounds, road rash, x-rays galore!
In the second level of Facebook-Medical you will also be able to post the natural birth of your baby for members to see the amazing entrance of little Buddy.   Facebook-Medical is perfect for anyone who feels everyone wants to see their before and after pictures of their nose job, augmentations of any sort, major head wounds, open wounds of any sort, and great for the person who already shares "TMI" and graphic repulsive photos about their medical issues.   Facebook-Medical IS NOT for the casual postings of "I'm sick", "Ouch My Back is OUT", "I'm having a bad day"" "Oops PMS'ing again" no no..those posts are still reserved for Facebook itself.  Facebook-Medical is for the "special" kind of friend.  Refer Facebook-Medical to your friends in this manner.

Hi (insert name) I noticed you posted a really graphic picture of your neck transplant and I wanted to tell you about this great site called Facebook-Medical! It's PERFECT for you!! I'm going to go and clean up the barf off the floor now, but I wanted to tell you about it, and PS..and I won't post a picture of the barf..sorry.

Your comments welcomed, but no medical photos please...


  1. I definitely have some friends I can sign-up...let me know when its launched! LOL!

    1. I most certainly will let you know!! stay tuned..