Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Indoor Cat

Indoor Cat
A Poem By Courtney Spears

Not a worry in the world
Unless his bowl is not filled
He sleeps when he pleases
And very strong willed

He’s greedy for attention
Doesn’t come when you ask
Doesn’t care if you leave
And snubs you when You’re back

Sheds hair on the chair
Meows in the dark
But we’d rather hear that 
than a yapping bark..
Even though he’s a taker
And his manners they lack
He still gives us pleasure
We love our indoor Cat.

Smelly Cat by Phoebe Buffay
(Thanks Cammie)


  1. I like! But will you be setting this to music anytime soon??? :D You'd be much better at it than Phoebe! :)

  2. Thought of this song last night when my cat jumped up on the bed and proceeded to lay on me. She was a smelly cat. :)