Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stanford Where People Actually Study

At Stanford University on a Saturday, where the students actually go to the library to study...

(wondering if anyone is searching for this missing person)

Where the Architechure is Stunning!

Where Church Buildings Hold Their Place of Reverence

Where Every Shot Is Interesting....

Where Inspiration Runs Wild

Random People Ruin Perfect Pictures...

Strategic Placement Of Child Will Hide... 

And where reluctant visitors like a teen who would rather be anywhere but touring Stanford University on a nice Saturday afternoon without her phone, and has seen EVERYTHING cool there is to see in life... actually takes a second look at something in appreciation and wonder.....priceless

Stanford University, March 10th, 2012


  1. Dear Spears family,

    I shall make the obvious assumption that the reason the Spears family is visiting this very fine learning institution in one of my favorite college 'burbs (Palo Alto) just outside one of my favorite U.S. cities (San Francisco) is because your oldest daughter is considering joining some of the great thinkers and creators of our time who have passed through these halls. If this is true... well, then PRAISE! :)

    My brother in-law went to Stanford! And he and my sister lived in Palo Alto for many years after their graduation and marriage. So I know it is a good place to be and learn! So know that I am fully praying for her if this be her decision and God's will.

    Much prayer and praise until then... Any parent would be greatly proud! :D

    ~Maru :)

    1. Dear Pongboy.. sadly your assumption is incorrect. We were there to watch softball as my niece was playing for Colorado State @ Stanford. One would only hope a child to be inspired by such excellence and beauty of a place. That is neat your family member got to go there. I love SF! and Palo Alto is wonderful as well. I'm just praying that my kids will have direction as they tread through schooling wherever they decided to go. :)