Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Raining Let's Eat

I'm serious... between all the rain, Pinterest recipes, amazing food carts in Portland, and nothing else to do in the rain my jeans are getting more snug by the day.   But who really cares because it's not like any of us are going to be displaying our white legs ANYTIME soon unless you are one of "those" privileged that can throw down the cash and fly somewhere sunny.  My blogger income does not allow me to do such irresponsible things on $.60/day! So what to do but eat, sit, and blog.  At least my fingers are slender from all the typing and moving the various food from the tray to my mouth. 

Thanks to the high gas prices, I am actually planning my errands more efficiently, which is so outside the box for my personality.  A mid-day meeting across town meant I could stop by this great shop called Vintage Pink to pick up that very cute vest I saw last week but didn't have money to spend.  Well that dream crumbled when I went in and found that someone else beat me to it! I knew it was cool last week, the only good thing out of that scenario is finding that the things I find cool just might actually be cool!  I asked the employee about the cute vest and kindly she brought out two hideous uncool choices which honestly I could have been quite hurt she thought I would wear those two ugly vest.. "OH no the vest was way cooler, a man's suit vest, hounds tooth".. She replied "oh well I don't see it, you gotta buy those things when you see them!" well in a perfect world where real estate deals actually CLOSE ON TIME, that might just happen.  Goodbye cute vintage vest. 
Photo by Spinnerin

After my meeting I was starving and very excited that my route was going to take me by some food trucks I've wanted to try on Mississippi (yes I sang the song typing that) and Skidmore.  The problem was that I had forgotten the street names only remembering the general area.  As my food cart senses kicked in full swing it was if a beacon of light shined on the dismal dreary day and turned my wheel right in the direction of the famed corner.  This day was looking up as I find a 10minute spot right out front. 

Photo by Mr Lunch
Thankfully, I had cash in my purse (my vest money).   It's always disappointing when several trucks are not open, but I really don't blame them as the rain was absolutely pouring!!  But all that disappointment leaves when I spot the third KOI Fusion truck in the land.  I order my tacos and while I'm waiting browse the other carts.  The hamburger cart looks great, but KOI Fusion cannot be passed up and I don't want to eat both tacos and a hamburger, ok I lie I really do, but gluttony is something I'm trying to avoid.  I had to at least try the hamburger place's fries because that says a lot and they were cheap.    As I'm waiting, I spot a lonely cupcake girl, cold and standing behind her little display case of cupcakes.  I'm not a cupcake fan really, but I do have mercy and I felt bad for her until I saw the price of one small bite size cupcake $1.50.   I still felt bad so I bought one.  "COURTNEY" I hear from KOI Fusion and "COURTNEY" from the burger place.  I pick up the tacos, balancing my tiny minute cupcake, pick up the fries and "fry guy says "well it looks like you chose some of the best".   OK things are looking up.   Cupcake= Small bite but delicious.. Fries= ROCK ON!!!  KOI Fusion Tacos = BLISS!   Sadly I was unable to take any pictures of my food because my phone was dead from all the mapping I was doing just trying to find the place.   Interested in Food Carts? Check out this link   There is also a cool app that you can download for .99c that will list all the food carts.  I'll hopefully have that up for you shortly~!

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