Monday, April 16, 2012

My Fearful List

I know we are not supposed to live in fear and that God says "Fear Not For I am With You", but I still struggle with fear because even when He is with me that doesn't mean the snake looks any less scary!   These are on top of the list:

1. Snakes
2. White vans with  no windows
3. Black vans with no windows
4. Creepy Men/Man especially in those vans
5. Earthquakes which as a result include the following scary places:
  • Parking structures
  • sitting in my car under an overpass while in traffic
  • bridges
  • tunnels
  • Evacuating while naked *see notes
6.  Jungles
7.  Darkness especially in the forested park areas of the Oregon suburbs (see #4)
8.  7-11 at night
9.  Sharp things
10. Cliffs
11. Wild Animals like Bears and Tigers, Pumas, Lions
12. Birds that fly and dart
13. Caves, Bats, Dark Caverns, Small Cold Caves
14. Slimy Food
15. Swimming in the Ocean
16. Sharks
17. Tsunamis
18. Trucks carrying gasoline or liquid air, gas or other flammable scary substances.
19. Clowns that are unpredictable in parades or other events
20. Riding a spooked horse.

*When I am in earthquake territory I take very short showers. I do this because I do not want to be stuck in the shower while there is an earthquake or evacuation.  I learned this gift while in college attending a school near LA.  I often do music at Cannon Beach Conference Center at the Oregon coast.   The fear is escalated by the fact when we are there.. if there is an earthquake.. one also has to worry about running from a possible Tsunami.  The evacuation route is straight up a hill which they say if you feel the earth move you need to just run.   I keep my shoes by the door while at the coast, just in case.  I spend most of my sleepless nights thinking I'm hearing the Tsunami siren starting to blow, only to realize it's just the heater turning on. The "welcome" announcements, along with the evacuation warnings,  also include what to do if a nasty virus breaks out in the camp, it's no wonder the last retreat "Hope Remains" was picked as the theme for the weekend!

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