Monday, April 30, 2012

No Dishwasher What I Think About At The Sink

What I Think About At The Sink

So about 4 months ago my dishwasher finally decided to stop washing the dishes, so I took it apart.  I have always figured some human made this contraption, I could call a human to come fix it, I am a human...therefore..I can also figure this out.   The bottom rack worked for a while but nothing was coming out of the spinner for the upper rack and then the dreadful day came when the bottom rack did nothing.  Searching online I found a lot of tutorials of how to clean the filter and upon doing so found that there was a square plastic scraper jammed in the filter!! This must be the problem!!  I put everything back together and sadly found it still did not work, that's when I kicked the door shut and hissed at it and never looked back.

A plan to get a new dishwasher was pushed out for a couple weeks and then pushed out again due to something always coming up that trumps the purchase of the dishwasher.   As a week has turned to months I now officially have dish pan hands have formed my own opinions on dishes and dish washing.

1. There are always dishes to do
2. A week using paper plates and plastic forks helped only make a dent in the morale.
3. Silverware is a pain
4. Bleach turns sterling silver into some ghastly color.
5. I think it takes more water to wash by hand than by dishwasher
6. It helps to wear a cute apron.
7. I do the dishes 99% of the time
8. Microwaved cheese strands left on edges of plates are like cement.
9. The drain is SICK!
10. I like the smell of green Comit.. it reminds me of my childhood and a clean scoured sink

I remember a family I stayed with often growing up who did not own a dishwasher at ALL due to the year the house was built.  I loved going over there, but just about the time my friend and I got settled after dinner  I would hear "SARA, it's your turn to do the dishes".  At first I was simply astonished that a modern family in the 70's did not own a dishwasher! I then would help my friend with the process as I watched how they did the task at hand, something that was very normal and routine for the two of them.  What was amazing in this process is as one would wash the other would dry the conversation kept moving.  There was laughter, working together, talking about the day and  what was coming next... something that mom and daughter may not have talked about if dishes were washed by a machine.  Moments perhaps missed by modern technology and convenience.  It's interesting what sticks with us as children.  Despite the good that can come from annoyance or lack of convenience, a dishwasher was on top of the remodel list a few years later.

If I have to pick a positive in this process which is this: I find that I am quite the deep thinker when I am standing there doing dishes. It's amazing what comes to my mind when I'm just doing a mundane task. Before in a hurried way as part of my to dos I quickly loaded the dishes into the machine, poured the soap in, slammed the door shut and that was that. Now I think of my friends, my family, pray for them, things, remember my Grandma.. think about how many dishes she did with 5 kids, dream about a new dishwasher, look outside at the rain, think about funny things, think about worse things than not having a dishwasher, pray for those people suffering from worse things, wonder what I'm going to make for dinner, think about blogging about my lack of a dishwasher.. think about songs and writing songs and then I'm done!

I do miss those days, don't get me wrong, but there is something that has been kind of thought provoking when washing the dishes by hand and the warm soapy water on my freezing hands feels really good. 

Now if my family would actually just use ONE water glass for the day.. that would be nice!!
Well I have to get back to doing my dishes..their piling up. 

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  1. Thankyou for extolling the virtues of hand washing dishes...just think, NO NOISE for hours on end, less waste of water, the warm water therapy for the hands, the satisfaction of a job well done! As one of my friend's mom used to say "Washing dishes (by hand) cures whatever ails you!!" And...having lived for nearly 18 years without a dishwasher I can attest to that.

    1. yes all good things I had no idea about! I totally believe your mom! that is cute :) 18yrs!!! ? wow diane that is impressive.

  2. I loved washing dishes with Bob's mother when were dating and then married.. every Sunday at their little home.. Pot Roast.. fresh green beans.. mashed potatoes.. and the best conversations with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law...great memories of Grandma Doerr who taught Sunday School for the 3 year olds.. for over 30 years.. thanks for the memory making Courtney! xxoo