Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kitchen Painting Project And "The Tin Man"

Kitchen Painting Project:
Before EWE!!
 A few weeks ago I finally got just frustrated enough with my brown cabinets I decided to break out the white primer.  I warned my husband via text that I started a major project!! It looked terrible at that stage but he's on board!
I've been working on repainting my kitchen and bringing out of the 1980's. Thanks to several
facebook votes I since painted the inside of the open shelf white as well which I love. 

After and Before the Interior White

In addition this week I decided our vent hood needed a change.  It looked cream now that the cabinets are white.   Hoods are about $99 at Ikea for the kind we need which is pretty reasonable but I thought I'd try to see what would happen if I tried painting it.  So only $3.97 a can of Rustoleum paint in metallic I went for it.   So the first thing that came to my mind was the Wizard of Oz Tin Man.  It didn't quite have the stainless steel shimmer I was hoping for.  BUT on the bright side even the Tin Man Hood strangely looks way better than what we were dealing with.. dirty looking cream.  I don't know if I can fully suggest this method and if you have any better ideas that have worked for you, please comment below.  This will do until our "money ship" comes in.

After and welcome the "Tin Man"
Now back to finishing the rest of the kitchen painting.. I have a few more cabinets to do and then a finish to put over the top.. AMAZING the difference already though as I actually enjoy being in the kitchen and cleaning it up.  Now we're going to have to go for some counters because they look cream too and someone in the 1980's thought it was super practical to put whitish tiles and white grout on a kitchen counter!!


  1. Oh my gosh! They look soooooo good! Fresh and clean!

  2. I'm impressed! It looks so fresh and new! And painting the cabinet insides was a great choice.