Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Horror of Vomit Saved by a Pinterest Pin

Something I actually did from pinning on Pinterest!

So Pinterest.. we all know that a lot of pinning is going on but not a lot of doing.  I started laughing to myself as I was pinning away and realized I spent so much time pinning and had so many "to do's" on my great ideas board that it would take a year just to implement all these ideas!  I limit myself now to a few minutes a day to pin unless I'm on a hunt for a specific idea.   I recently added a board that is labeled "We tried it and Loved it" I think to motivate myself actually try the recipe I pinned and then move it over to the other board.  Maybe I should start a board called "Did It".

Anyway, I have put into action a few of the good ideas and one was this waste basket car bin used from a cereal container.  I was so excited to get this as my old car Bertha is constantly a trash collector!  I bought two.. one for my car and my husband's car.  He didn't gravitate towards the idea so much until it was actually used and put into major action in a horrific moment for him on our trip.  

Something about 3 kids in the "business" car on a road trip that will make any man tense.  You know when someone on a road trip says "I'm sick" you normally have about 5 minutes to pull over and get them out to recovery?  Well my youngest who is 10 says those words and then 2 seconds later is vomiting in what looked like a horror film.  God bless whoever put the stray towel back there.. oh yeah that was me.. but the true gift was from my pinning from Pinterest and getting the idea from Better Home's and Gardens website!  The lined waste basket was right next to him.  "GRAB THE WASTE BASKET AND PUT YOUR MOUTH IN THE SMALL HOLE...NOW!!".  He did and hurled again only this time it was conveniently collected in the lined cereal container.  We stopped and realized the towel got most of the other spew and I lift the lid (made an ugly face) and removed the plastic bag and tossed it.. and the towel..that easy!! 
This is not my car but a link to the BH&G page.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lulu and Henry

I started a new hobby side business.  You might ask.. "Aren't you already doing enough with music, being a mom, wife, blogger, wanna be actress, and part time run walker?  Well I will ask you.. do any of those things even tap into the budget for a teenager who wants to buy things 24/7..??answer... no.   Gosh one Jamba Juice costs what I used to get for babysitting for a  whole afternoon!

I have always always loved to paint.  I like painting walls, dressers, tables, chairs, desks etc.  I love making old or ugly things cuter.  I wanted to extend an invited to follow my new blog Lulu & Henry and for you to check out my furniture I've sold and am working on.