Friday, August 24, 2012

Training for Walk around Mt. Hood.. What? Why?

The June Kick Off Hike and the face of enthusiasm..
 Be VERY careful using this face!
Heads up there are going to be some major postings in the next week about Mt. Hood and me walking around it!  Why? Because I love my husband and he promised I'd come home a few pounds less.. DONE!  It was a simple June hike where I apparently showed  a little too much enthusiasm and appreciation for beautiful Oregon country.  That evening back home and tuckered out, I caught him online checking out double sleeping bags and trail maps.   
So over the summer I've logged many miles and done several hikes.  Our final training hike tomorrow will be with packs on, up Dog Mountain, which by the way we did 18 years ago while I was trying to impress him as a newly engaged couple.  All I remember about Dog Mountain was wishing I had a dog to pull me, grabbing on to Ward's belt buckle instead as he pulled me up the hill, being humiliated by the 78 year old with a walking stick plowing up the hill, and finally the beautiful view at the top of the Columbia Gorge.  I'm anxious to test my improvement tomorrow.   Since mid July I have logged over 80 miles or more and finally and have reached the point I look forward to my long walks and accomplishing a route.  
I was greeted with bad news from Ward the other day, that we will be sleeping under a TARP like tent.. WHAT?? Is it not bad enough that we are sleeping on the side of Mt. Hood in a tent.. now we are talking Tarp!? That was almost a deal breaker for me.  I'm going to be praying and HUNTING for a vacant hunters cabin the whole way.. seriously.   The other thing I'm VERY concerned and tormented by is the bathroom facilities or lack there of.. and finally if you read my post on my fears you know Snakes and Creepy People are very high on the list!!  We will not be in bear country thankfully, but I will be taking Bear Spray for the fears.  The trip should take us about 40 miles around the mountain, through some streams and at an elevation of who knows what.  
The only thing I asked him was to please make sure we were not on the 5:00 news!!
We've all seen those people.. ugh. stay tuned.

The New Boots
9.2 training hike in Portland Hills

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